Friday, 2 July 2010

Friday Night in South Africa

What a title, I wish it was true but no.

Truthfully I was somewhere else.

Was at a secret side project meeting with the rest when the match between Netherlands and Brazil were playing. It was fun and we had lots of food to share. The second meeting was as good as the first time. Can't wait to start that project! *excited* So yeah I did not get to watch the match last night.I think most people were rooting for Brazil to win the game based on the previous past games well performed by them but guess the saying about the underdogs team somehow going to rule is partly true enough. And I am not surprise if my favourite team won't win the finals this year. I mean have you noticed that those former best teams are out already? We'll just have to wait and see about it. *fingers crossed*

Way to go Netherlands, you beat the famous Brazil team!:)
And I still can't believe Brazil is not going to the finals...That was unexpected!

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