Sunday, 11 July 2010

No Orange Tonight Please!

The weekend is going to be over again in a couple of hours time.

Saturday went passed by so quickly, I didn't even get to savour much of it. But still it was good doing our side project chores, at least we get to do the fun stuff while working. I love to get busy, busy! :) And waking up early for church and having lazy Sunday to end your weekend is simply a bliss! I can be the happiest person when doing simply nothing at all.

My week days are pretty much about work and the upcoming side project I'm doing with the sister and cousins since we're planning about it. And Every time I start writing a new blog post, all I want to talk about is football. Yes Again and Again. Excuse me for it is the last day of World Cup.

Germany won the 3rd place as I've expected.
Sorry Uruguay. But 3-2 was a good score. Almost.

Wondering which team will win at the last match later.
The Octopus prediction was Spain will win the final. And the Bird picked Netherlands instead. Whichever team it is, I wish them all the best.

SPAIN footballers, please be very, very good and win the title for your country and fans will you? :)

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