Friday, 16 July 2010

Slow. Almost break the thing into pieces. Pressure. Think I could do some cliff diving or bungee jumping at that moment. Inconsiderate bit**s. Don't wanna talk about it.

And the unbelievable words from thy mouth. Did that just came from you? *hides*


Laughed while I cried. I got myself a bloody internal bleeding thumb. What was I thinking? Got my innocent right thumb swelling and stuck between the car door. Ohhh Myyyy Goshhh! I feel numb. Ouch, ouch, ouch! :(


Busy Friday nights. What I'm up for weekends? You don't need to know. Stop saying how dull my life goes. We work & we play. If we have a band, we would most probably call ourselves 'Da'Mangoes' (right, right, right? :P) . And I love them as much as we enjoyed having choc, rasberry vanilla & mint ice-cream at 1.30 in the morning. Maybe even more. Let's it work it out real hard shall we? :)

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