Thursday, 8 July 2010

Viva Forever!

Uruguay Versus Netherlands, Netherlands won by 3-2.

And that 2 am match between Germany Versus Spain just hours ago.....Spain Won by 1-0!
Oh yeah! Unbelievable! Viva Espana!
"WoOhoo! Worth the pain, worth the wait! I can sleep with a smile NOW! :)"
As quoted via my personal Facebook account after watching the game.
Looks like Paul the Octopus prediction was oh sO TRUE after all!
Most of my Twitter friends ( and Facebook as well ) who supports Germany were saying that they're going to eat octopus the whole day! Hahaha. Guess those German sausages won't be a hit for quite some time now. Okay I was just joking.

Honestly speaking, the FIFA World Cup this year is even more memorable than the previous ones for me. It brings me and the people I've known more closer. Imagine talking to friends at the earliest morning at 4am just because of football. I enjoy doing that. Who would have thought that those we were never that close, finally found something we had in common.

And can you believe that I could woke up at 2am just to see my favourite team play? Even more surprising I did not get cranky not getting enough sleep at all. The guys even told me that I'm crazy cause they themselves can't stayed up for a game.

Once in 4 years.

It'll be over soon.

Netherlands Versus Spain?
What's your pick like?

I still want Spain to win! And Germany to take the 3rd place please! *fingers crossed*

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