Tuesday, 31 August 2010

the 53rd Merdeka day, mine...

Happy Merdeka Malaysia and it's a public holiday! :)

Morning started slowly with home made breakfast by Dad with the whole family. And his char kuey teow is the best! Afternoon weather was a killer. With a black sleeveless and short pants & not forgetting S, my white cap for some cover up, off I went to the shopping mall with the family. The best friend, who was working at the mall, saw me & nudge me on the shoulder. The rest of late afternoon & evening was spent in & outside the mall braving the hot glaring sun.

And goodnight my love, tonight I'll count the stars early and head down to bed. It will be a bliss to be dreaming of you every night. After all, I am the architect who build my own dreams. Dream of who? What? Leonardo Dicaprio? Okay, okay I'm being lame again. Too much of 'Inception' is a no, no I guess! Haha :P

Saturday, 28 August 2010

The ride & a funeral

It was unexpected, unpredictable. Life's too short to worry about. I believe we should live life to the fullest no matter how hard it can be. Because we might never know when it is going to end. Maybe tomorrow might never come for me. Who knows?

It got me thinking real hard.

And yesterday......

Spontaneous it was.
Mixed feelings.
That long ride & in between.
Shared and Gained, Experiences.
I kept repeating it is a small world after all.
Is this what we call coincidence?
I still wonder why.

Along the way, I found a perfect match.

We maybe different. But who cares. It was love at first sight.
Some call it yin & yang, I prefer it this way called the black & white.
How un-ordinary and rare this day was....

Meet my new love, ****** the Mr. White Cap. :D

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Today & a Voice call

One moment, I could stop thinking about the passing, life goes on.


Lovely Chinese song and I never thought I could stand talking about food all the night away.

Thank you for that voice call Carlos, you just make my day!
Hope to talk to you again soon!
My very first from the Philippines. :)

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


I thought I haven't ate any sweets these past few days.
And I'm being such a cry baby every time I am wanting it more.
It's like a drug for someone like me who does not smoke.
Just like last time, how strong is my addiction to coffee mates.

And Tuesday meant something when..

The best friend pops by my chatbox
'Hey sweetness!'

Did you just call me that?


Sugar high over-loaded. :)

Monday, 23 August 2010

How could someone like me love Monday?

You tell me.

Monday, am I supposed to hate you for being you? Just coz you took away my every weekends and slipped it faster than it should. Given the chance I would like a whole lot of 3 days for rest day. Unfortunately I only have one and half day. So don't blame me. Everyone dragged their feet just to come to you, every time. I pity you at times. But just today, I feel like for once, it could be beautiful. Yes, it is indeed.

Even if at the certain moment or hours, it killed me.
Stumbled and fall, I'd pick myself up again.

Sweetness makes me high above.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

My story, in a week

Exactly one week ago, last weekend, our the Red Shoes company went for our first flea market in Megalong. It was a bit tiring and not that organize but the experience we had were priceless! Not only as a team but a family, we cherished every moment we had from first till the last customer of the day. Loved ones and close friends were very supportive and even drop by just to see how we were. I truly appreciate the thought. Could not asked for more. It made my day. I am sure the rest as well. All of those endless effort and togetherness was worth it.

This week, it's the TRS resting week, time flies quicker than I want it to be.

Had a busy & rough starter of the week at my day job. Good for me though. At least I got to distract my mind a bit. It's fine. No worries.

Something, something, something.
After 3 years of blogging, it's better not to kiss and tell about it. :)

And just...
Last night, my sister just turned our house into a chocolate factory.
I can hear that 'Willie wonka, willie wonka...' song playing on my head.
She made the chocolates and we got to exchanged it with the kuih batik from the bakery our next door neighbour a.k.a our lovely cuzzy wuzzy bake.

This late afternoon, cuzzy even made & gave us honeydew sago pudding.
How sweet right?

Yes, another dessert.
And this is why I keep remembering asking someone to be my personal trainer yesterday.

I am so going to be fat! Yikes! :P

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

18 August 2010

Morning had a lil sunshine. A bit gloomy till the evening. But it doesn't make me. I wonder why.
I just had to wake up from a dream where it's impossible for me to be a lead actress in it.

Tonight. One topic. Laughters and reminiscene.
It seems like we were all in one place. Together.
Loved ones on conversation through a social networking.

This is rare.
But sweet none the less. :)

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Oh my Friday 13th, what about?

12.56 a.m I feel like blogging.

I haven't had my sweets for 4 days straight and today my colleague D* gave me sour sweets! Nice, very, very nice try. There you got me :)

Friday the 13th I don't feel so good. Maybe I have the feeling that it's not going to be my lucky day after all. And I think the sudden sweetness, sugar level gave me bursting madness. I don't know what got in to me but I really feel like you should stop what you're doing. I just don't want to be one of them, cause I want to be the only one. I want to be the best and beat the rest. Enough said already. Oh well, literally.

Busy the whole night through.
I haven't got time entertaining people online.
Or maybe I'm just sick about that something.

I should really go to bed for the flea market later.

Preparation was fun though and I get to go out wearing 'L' for the 1st time...
Hope no one noticed me! Yikes! :P

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Look, I think I have turned into a movie junkie!

The past weeks has been great.

Despite the broken camera. And the unavoidable circumstances. Shit happens. About the thing some real friends think I should be voicing out rather than just keep my mouth shut. But I prefer not to. Say whatever you want to say. I have nothing against it. I make peace, say no to war. No matter how angry I am, maybe it is best to just let go and be it. Control the anger. *takes a deep breath* What goes around, comes around. Karma baby! :)

Oh well, oh well.....

Ever since the new shopping mall hit nearby my place/ area and not to mention there's errr what you call cinema, I have somewhat turned into a regular movie-goer. I was not a fanatic movie fan before. Trust me. Think I have said this last time. Yeah thanks to my awesome movie buddies! Heehe :p

There is like tons of latest movie I have been watching at the movie. The Killers & Karate Kid...At home as well. I can't even remember the first movie I saw at the new cinema. Can you believe it? Where do I even start what movie?


I am not that sure how I should describe this movie. Judging through the first series of Twilight and the second one New Moon, the character Jacob proved to be stronger than Edward the lead Cullen. Despite the hot hunky & tanned body of Jacob, I love Edward's eyes, still do. Movie wise...Compared to the second one, this time it's getting a whole lot cheesy and mushy. Some people may like it, but too much makes me puke. I may like lovey-dovey thingy but still prefer if there's balance to it with actions.

2.Knight & Day

I love this movie! I somehow feel like I've been travelling a lot just by watching. Action packed with a lil romance in between. I enjoyed Cameron Diaz character same as she is bubbly and all while Tom Cruise the serious guy.

Can someone drug me and bring me to places?
Okay was just kidding! Hee :D


Leonardo Dicaprio is still a heartthrob and good actor till now. With a lil bit of weight gain.
Let's dream shall we?


I don't know how Evelyn Salt live her life as a spy. And to see the love of her life died in the people she trust hands. Angelina Jolie is crazy. Great crazy! Love her action packed own stunts! :)


I know nothing about games. Just played the game for fun. Few times. Fighting scene was awesome. And all I know Jon Foo is hot! The guy who played the character 'Jin Kazama' That's all I know :)

6.The Last Airbender

It's errr...a okay. Not quite a fan. *yawns* Just a....Thank goodness for the good looking man there. Nuff said.

I am so wanting my own karaoke room and a movie theater right now.
What's next? What movie? Hee :D

One last thing, I finally watched 'The Last Song' too! *sniffs*sniffs* Such a cry baby! Haha :P

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Kaze Japanese House

This was like few weeks back when we were planning on something. One of our first meeting about it and it was held here. Cause we all simply love Japanese food. Unlike other famous Japanese outlet we have been, this place is considered affordable. Small and little, quiet ambiance & nestled at an area called Damai here in Kota Kinabalu town. What I love about this place is that they served Japanese home cooking experience.

Introducing 'Kaze Japanese House'.....

Feels like home

Chuka Kurage


Eel With Rice

Konnyaku Jelly

Monday, 2 August 2010


Bold, bigger and better.

I love when it enhance my two eyes.
I can go without eye shadows with it.



" Oh, I'm addicted with the gel eye liner! :P "