Tuesday, 31 August 2010

the 53rd Merdeka day, mine...

Happy Merdeka Malaysia and it's a public holiday! :)

Morning started slowly with home made breakfast by Dad with the whole family. And his char kuey teow is the best! Afternoon weather was a killer. With a black sleeveless and short pants & not forgetting S, my white cap for some cover up, off I went to the shopping mall with the family. The best friend, who was working at the mall, saw me & nudge me on the shoulder. The rest of late afternoon & evening was spent in & outside the mall braving the hot glaring sun.

And goodnight my love, tonight I'll count the stars early and head down to bed. It will be a bliss to be dreaming of you every night. After all, I am the architect who build my own dreams. Dream of who? What? Leonardo Dicaprio? Okay, okay I'm being lame again. Too much of 'Inception' is a no, no I guess! Haha :P

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