Saturday, 21 August 2010

My story, in a week

Exactly one week ago, last weekend, our the Red Shoes company went for our first flea market in Megalong. It was a bit tiring and not that organize but the experience we had were priceless! Not only as a team but a family, we cherished every moment we had from first till the last customer of the day. Loved ones and close friends were very supportive and even drop by just to see how we were. I truly appreciate the thought. Could not asked for more. It made my day. I am sure the rest as well. All of those endless effort and togetherness was worth it.

This week, it's the TRS resting week, time flies quicker than I want it to be.

Had a busy & rough starter of the week at my day job. Good for me though. At least I got to distract my mind a bit. It's fine. No worries.

Something, something, something.
After 3 years of blogging, it's better not to kiss and tell about it. :)

And just...
Last night, my sister just turned our house into a chocolate factory.
I can hear that 'Willie wonka, willie wonka...' song playing on my head.
She made the chocolates and we got to exchanged it with the kuih batik from the bakery our next door neighbour a.k.a our lovely cuzzy wuzzy bake.

This late afternoon, cuzzy even made & gave us honeydew sago pudding.
How sweet right?

Yes, another dessert.
And this is why I keep remembering asking someone to be my personal trainer yesterday.

I am so going to be fat! Yikes! :P

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