Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Low and higher

I've been sick again and again.

My body immunity is getting lower each day. I need to gain some power to heal. Missing my daily work out. Maybe I need more rest and sleep. I got to fight my insomnia. Maybe I need more vitamins. Maybe, maybe. Setting up some priority is all I need. Health first before anything else. And the 'it' is important too. Focus! :)

There are some things I'm missing lately....
World Cup 2010. Three stripes. Black and White. Angel. I love Red. Always Red. Us. Ours.
Where did it go? *sigh*

As low as it gets, there are happy things that makes you higher.
I have tons of favourite tunes to listen every night. I'm glad. It's very catchy. Addictive.
Ooh, I wanna dance with somebody! :D

Friday, 24 September 2010

I pop a hello and you replied

22 September 2010

I wrote 'something' on one of my social networking site the other day. After that unbelievable chat with one of my favourite celebrity chef. I could not believe that was really him. I didn't even know that it was true. Till I got a message from him. Who what? Was I even dreaming? Hello, hello wakey, wakey! So okay that was a reality after all.

Thank goodness for that 'out-of-curiousity-I-said-hello' chat.

Now if only I got a budget soon enough for a visit. :)

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Hello again, Charity Sunday!


22 August 2010

She's been itching to go again.

As she passed by the familiar road, but this time to an unknown route, she could feel the trees waving to her. Hello, hello. Two churches to cover this time. Short and sweet. Friendly strangers. The view was spectacular in her own eyes. She felt as if she was on top of the world for once. Did she ever told you that she adore the beautiful sky?

Captured as much memories as she could.
Enjoying those few minutes she hopes she'll never forget.

Before she bids farewell to the pleasant atmosphere, like every little place she visited, this one holds a special place in her heart. :)


And since her friend was making her jealous about cooking Mee Tuaran the previous day, she finally got her cravings satisfied when making a pit stop in Tuaran.

And there after to Kokol Hills, playing 'LOST' before heading home. :p
Would love more Sundays like this!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Pink ribbons in mid Autumn

Under the weather...
Of all things cute, tiny & pink ribbons,
it was so good to know wonderful news!
Makes me want to have my own babies :P


I could see the moonlight shining up above the sky tonight.
It was too beautiful. I wished I had better ways or words to describe it.
Like how you carried a smile when the morning comes.
It was in honesty, I really hope that was meant for me. Very infectious.

It's Mid-Autumn Festival today.
Happy MoonCake Festival !


someone actually inspired me to write this...

"What's sugary nice that makes you go silent? I wonder! :)"

(as written on my FB status)

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Lunch at 'Masarap' Filipino Cuisine

17th August 2010

Yet another back dated blog post. :P

That Saturday afternoon, the 5 cousins went for lunch at 'Masarap' Filipino Cuisine. I love this place so much, I don't mind coming here again and AGAIN. Diba sis? I was super duper dead hungry, patay gutom as the Filipinos say it, as it was Brunch for me. And we chose the place to let our kuya Alfie to savour some Filipino taste. Hope he enjoys it as much as we all has always been. You'll get to taste more real authentic ones when we get there next year! Ooh, can't wait! :)

Here's what we actually ordered.

RM 12

Daing Na Bangus


Lechon Kawali
RM 12

With some kanin (rice), mango shake, calamansi and halo-halo to add.
It was a good half day out to start with great food & company.

If you ever decided to go to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and try what this eatery has to offer, here is their address & telephone number for your information.

'Masarap' Filipino Cuisine
Block B, Lot 13, Lintas Square
Tel : 088-249672

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Eidulfitri 2010, on the first day....

It was Friday and thank goodness for a long weekend.

We were on the road, I think for an hour.
As most of the coffee shops in KK were closed for Eidulfitri, we had a difficult time searching for place to bring cuzzy Els* for breakfast. We finally found a coffee shop and we had to wait to get a seat.

And boy, we were starving!

But it was worth it...

Beaufort chow mein for breakfast! :)


And in the Afternoon/Evening

Since it was the first day of Eidulfitri, like every other year,
it was a day to visit our Muslim relatives at my mum's hometown again. It is the time to reconnect with family members that you don't get to see and meet that often.

Two houses for Hari Raya as usual.
Nyummy food galore!
But I am watching my diet.
Had to really control my food intake.
Another bags full of goodies.

Heavy rain greeted us while chilling outside my relative's resort like crib.
Enjoying my kuih-muih Raya, kerisik, kurma ayam and every juadah that has been served on the table and sipping on the lime drink. This time I didn't really care to snap some pictures cause I was too busy munching on the food, I forgot. Think I almost slept on the lazy chair outisde. Plus the nice weather to sleep and all, I was so stuffed, I can barely walk! Haha :P

Here's something to share for everyone celebrating Eid Mubarak.

I just love the fact that Hanafi from the band Estranged was dancing in this video. I would not know about this video if it wasn't for Reza Salleh's tweet. Heehe :D

Saturday, 11 September 2010

It's Daddy and his beloved children day out again. Mum always not in for the fun part. She missed it again. Why lah? This time, we're hunting for 'something' for our little corner and hello, money changer here & there. Finally found the right thing and oh my goodness, it can be very addictive! Wheee, we got a mini gym as I blogged! :)

Oh by the way...

Ang ganda ng boses mo. Gusto ko makinig, ikaw kumanta.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Could I just pretend I could care less about something?
Ignore what is right in front of me? Like watch you hurt your leg?
Or even see you're sad, noticing you without wearing a smile?

Maybe I could, maybe I should
But I'm weak, I knew I couldn't
If only I am a pretender....

(Oh my..its just random thoughts!)


"Just gonna stand there and watch me burnt , that's alright because I like the way it hurts, just gonna stand there and hear me cry, that's alright because I love the way you lie.....

By the way,
that song is so addictive! :)


Tonight, dinner with my Ate' and cuzzy sisters.
It's been months.
Serious, into deep.
Crazy laugh, smile here & there.
in Lido food stalls.

I love my 'Mee Jawa' :)

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Gloomy day....
It feels different to be there today. I have only being gone for a day. What really happened? Tell me please. I miss you already. Bring the old you back. I'm begging now.

8++ p.m

We've been wanting to go for Japanese again.
We finally made it today. ever since we're all just too busy for that business of ours.
5 of us + few stacks of sushi plates + 5 bento's + laughter at Wagamama Lintas = Satisfied & happy customers, burp! Priceless eventhough with an expensive dinner :)

Monday, 6 September 2010

An evening at Mint's

(Backlogged blog post)

I remembered.

It was a rainy evening. Both sister and I were super hungry and we need to find a shaded carpark to prevent ourselves from getting wet. We found a perfect spot to chill until the rain stopped. What better place to chill other than at Mint's? Nice place and plus you get to savour healthy food.

You know what I like about their food?
Just like in Thailand, Vietnamese Cuisine serves more vegetables.
And 'Mint' is regularly used in their cooking. Which is one of my favourite herbs. :)

Let the pictures tell you the rest of the story aights?

On the wall

The interior of the shop

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Rice

Vegetable Popiah

Sunday, 5 September 2010

It should be my middle name

Was taking a break while at the flea market today.

Amazed. Always I was at this old Indian man wearing Chinese top, seen at many shopping malls here, with his Chinese calligraphy skills. Standing with lots of people surrounding his table. I think I was standing there for about a couple of minutes already.

It was raining outside. The crowds began to fade like suddenly. Since it was not crowded at his booth, I decided to give it a shot. The old man asked my name and wrote it on a piece of red paper.

Only later that I realize that there was the word 'sweet' on top of my name.

Should I even use 'coincidence' again?
I don't know why lately it has something to do with all things sugary nice.
Maybe it is fate. Just maybe.
He, the best friend, calls me 'sweetness' and I love eating sweets.
It became part of me, somehow.

Yes, I think it should be my middle name too.