Friday, 24 September 2010

I pop a hello and you replied

22 September 2010

I wrote 'something' on one of my social networking site the other day. After that unbelievable chat with one of my favourite celebrity chef. I could not believe that was really him. I didn't even know that it was true. Till I got a message from him. Who what? Was I even dreaming? Hello, hello wakey, wakey! So okay that was a reality after all.

Thank goodness for that 'out-of-curiousity-I-said-hello' chat.

Now if only I got a budget soon enough for a visit. :)


YULI said...

great you were able to make a conversation, i always get tongue tied when talking to someone i adore

Eudora said...

@Yuli: Thank goodness it's only online. If I were to do that in public, I tend to get nervous and tongue-tied myself! Hee :D