Sunday, 5 September 2010

It should be my middle name

Was taking a break while at the flea market today.

Amazed. Always I was at this old Indian man wearing Chinese top, seen at many shopping malls here, with his Chinese calligraphy skills. Standing with lots of people surrounding his table. I think I was standing there for about a couple of minutes already.

It was raining outside. The crowds began to fade like suddenly. Since it was not crowded at his booth, I decided to give it a shot. The old man asked my name and wrote it on a piece of red paper.

Only later that I realize that there was the word 'sweet' on top of my name.

Should I even use 'coincidence' again?
I don't know why lately it has something to do with all things sugary nice.
Maybe it is fate. Just maybe.
He, the best friend, calls me 'sweetness' and I love eating sweets.
It became part of me, somehow.

Yes, I think it should be my middle name too.

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