Sunday, 31 October 2010

World's Coolest Intern

I am so sick, tired and bored with my daily routine here in a small town.

It's a typical day. I am feeling normal as usual.

Waking up to the morning's, I switched on the laptop.
Besides, checking my email's inbox, this will be starters even before anything else.
The first thing I did was logging on into my Twitter account. Greeted the world with a smile emoticon. Ah yes, a good day wishes too. Checking in what's happening, I don't think I need a newspaper sometimes. With this, I knew what is going faster even before I get the morning paper. But I still go for the paper to know about the local news while having a cup of tea. Oh did I forgot to mention about logging into Facebook that the same time as well? It's good to know about friends who are like millions apart from you and get connected with this social network.

But that doesn't stopped just there.

I'll be on Plurk, Yahoo Messenger and other social media websites. My day at work always be filled with all sorts information I get by just one click. Oh, the wonders of new world communication, interaction of media. You can find me always spreading what's on and what's not. Spreading the news. Spread the love to all. Ain't sharing is caring? I love this.

I think I should be one of the 'World's Coolest Intern' to join the Breeze mobile banking in Singapore cause I am absolutely crazy and nuts about social media. I started off my day and end with it. I eat & sleep with it. Throw me in the wild without an internet connection, I'll be starving for it. I'm a nocturnal, so true. I'll danced through the hours for this kind of opportunity. I want to learn something new. I'm willing . I think I have the passion. I want to strive for the best to achieve, stand tall and market the product. With endless effort. Tell me who does not want to work with Standard Chartered? I know I wouldn't missed this for the world.

"What are the chances of winning this?"
I asked myself.

This is last minute. I know. But what the heck. There's simply no harm in trying. For all you know I'll be flying to Singapore or probably win some credit here. Maybe. Even if I don't, at least I have tried. This is my first step of taking risk and chances.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

My triple ten

(Backdated blog post)

Triple ten. Nice one. The date 10.10.10 is special as it comes only once in life. Since I figured it should be spend with something valuable, so charity Sunday it is! My early morning's was awaken by the drizzled rain at Sunday morning church mass was beautiful. And the part after the rain was even more meaningful.

Breakfast with loved ones at our favourite 'kedai kopi'.
Having 'Kuching/Sarawak Laksa' is LOVE. Missing the authentic ones, still.
While everyone else at some part of the world was sleeping, and some were itching to be somewhere they never been before...And while I'm busy on mobile web, we were on the way to Kota Marudu with the rest of the church members. Full of love with food supplies and clothing. We were blessed with good weather. I thank the Man High Above. I was reminded of the past. Familiar route. I've been here. Something's changed. A lil better.

Our first destination.

See the sky, ain't it a beauty?
Super love the blue white sky formation!

Oh, I meet you again!
Hello! :)

After that, we headed to our second destination.

Took a while to get there. Again, it's my second time here. Like last time, we were greeted by the villagers and served with pandan coconut or I like to call it 'buko pandan' . It was scorching hot that afternoon. The weather was madness. But I enjoy every bit of it. Cooling coconut is always refreshing when it comes to this.

Well, hello there!
Yet another familiar face :)

I love it the view from up here!

In between meeting village folks and admiring the view,
I took a couple of shots of my day.
My last step before heading home.
And hope to come back soon.

That was how my triple ten were.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

For a Kissable lip!

Thought I don't have it anymore. Just cause I haven't really got time to join contest/giveaway as much as I did like previous year. But something tells me that I got to try my luck and there's nothing to lose anyway.

I knew I haven't lost my lucky charm yet when I received an email following the announcement of ASD's Monthly Giveaway-Sept'10 winners. I was one of the 3 lucky winners! Each of us won a Mystery Pack of 2 lip balms. :)

Several weeks ago, my tiny parcel arrived from Pok Ekspres Malaysia.

My Mystery Pack comes with 2 flavours of 'My Lip Stuff' lip balms ; Lavender & Pink Grapefruit. As they knew I love pink and purple. And the parcel even came with a name card which she wrote this on the back of the card.

" Hi Eudora, Congratulations on being a winner for ASD's Sept'10 Give Away. We sincerely hope you like the balms!"

Since I have promised to wrote a review if they let me have & win it; this might be late, but here is what I really think about the product.

"The reason why I wanted to have those lip balms is because I have a very
sensitive and dry lip. I'm always on the go & exposed to different climates.
I've always wanted to try something natural and friendly and I think 'My Lip
Stuff' has what it takes! "

-Eudora Manggala, 16th Sept 2010 for ASD Monthly Giveaway-Sept'10

Better late than never, they say.

I thought I'd try this long enough before even writing a review.
Since you won't get to see the result a product in day.

I have been using this since few weeks ago. With the unpredictable weather, rain or shine, dry or wet, in or outside, this has been a must have item in my handbag. I could count on you My Lip Stuff. It is not a secret anymore that you are my best friend nowadays. Gotta love a more kissable lip! And moist enough too. :)


I could smell the scents of lavender as I apply this on my lips. Leaves my lips smooth and relaxed. Must be the essences of lavender that gives us the natural calming effect. Fans of lavender, I would really recommend this!

Pink Grapefruit

The taste of a grapefruit makes me want to re-apply this again and again. I am a sucker for a yummylicious lip balm. Pure madness. I super love this! Keep me lip feeling fresh on crazy hot day! This one a favourite when in comparison with the above.

I'm rating it 5/5 star since I totally love it!

You can now purchase 'My Lip Stuff' lip balm through the Malaysia's official distributor here.

Thank you again A Shopaholic's Den and TanksFor5 , the owner of MyLipStuffMalaysia ! :D

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Tempted to Sin

After quite some time, I saw you again.

Vanilla Affogato Frappucinno (with whipped cream, it's a must) my long-time marital affair with you, I'm so glad we've reunited. I know it's fattening, oh what the heck! At least it's in 'grande' size, not 'venti' . My oh my, it's love when I'm feeling this. My coffee mate, I wonder what I got myself divorced to. Forgive me for I have sinned. It seems ages ago. But wait a minute....I'm not even married. *devilish grin*

It is just another caffeine high moment.

I'm still not attached to anyone by the way.

I was at Starbucks, CityMall earlier on with the cousins & siblings. It wouldn't be us without long talk and loud voices. Yes, we are that mad. So beware! :P

Everything was so tempting and sinful but I managed to calm myself down. I'm proud of myself. Which sometimes makes life's a bit harder. And someone did not. As usual. I know. You know. We know. Fink or Furfle. We all know what you did at voXpop. Meh :D

Saturday, 16 October 2010

I had dessert without a main course meal

(Backdated blog post)

Date: 19th September 2010
Location: VedaBlu (Only Available in Sabah) , Warisan Square,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Someone might think I'm a bit crazy for having two dessert in a go. It does not even comes with a rice or noodle or even anything else. Pretty unusual for me. I'm serious. *makes a serious expression* Though I always fail with a serious face without making a sheepish grin. Heehe. But this was what I had for dinner. No complains. Just cause I chose this. Those sweetness runs in my blood stream.

The first dessert that came to the table.

I can't quite recall what's it again.
Think it's somewhat a chocolate/tiramisu brownie topped with Belgian Chocolate Ice-Cream. It doesn't really taste nice according to my taste bud. It was a-okay. I didn't feel the love. It was bitter sweet memories.
So I'm letting you go.

Then this came.

I love the simplicity of this. I don't need to say much further. Crepe Flavoured With Mango Syrup and Vanilla Rasberry Ice -Cream on top. I have always preferred Vanilla compared to Chocolate unlike everyone else. Something fairly white and light coloured. Just like most close friends will describe me . Maybe it's true what a friend just said to me, it's the pureness. And that's another story to tell.

I found 'the One' that day.

His 'Sweetness' was contented with a sugary smile.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Say that you love me?

As I was waiting for my turn to get a haircut last month, I saw this on a local magazine. It was a previous month magazine but what the heck. I got glued. At least on the printed media. It was like love at first sight. 'Christian Bautista, Single, Ready To Mingle & Fall in Love' says on it. One of my favourite Pinoy singer. Almost about 2 years back since my second trip to the Philippines, I purchased his album. Boy, I was hooked to this guy, his music and his good looking face. Who could not resist. I know I don't. I fell in love again! :D

I could not walk away without snapping this picture.
Mind me. He is irresistable.
There's something about Christian B.
Sometimes, I wish he could sing me a song.
A song on my birthday perhaps. Or maybe this song will do since it's a favourite.

Say that you love me?
Wishful thinking. In my so-called dream. :p

More about Christian Bautista :
Christian Bautista's Official Website

Monday, 11 October 2010


Good News to All Nail Lovers who are
residing in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah! :)

SUNDAY PRONAILS Nail Center is currently having an ongoing OPEN DAY this week from today 11 to 16th October 2010 at Karamunsing Complex!

If you love having manicure & pedicure
and love getting pampered, this one is for you!

Other promotion they are having on their OPEN DAY:
  • 40% -60% Discount on NAIL PRODUCT
  • Special BEST BUY item
  • Workshop for Nail Tek and Barbicide Product
  • Product Demostration
  • Professional Nail Course
Not convinced yet?
You will also get
a RM3 CASH VOUCHER to use on for discount item!
And every PROFESSIONAL BRAND will be on SALE on that OPEN DAY!

Oh my, just blogging about it makes me excited already!
Why wait? Come, come, come let's go! :)

Location :
Lot 1.34 & 1.27, Blk B, 1st Floor,
Karamusing Complex,
Jalan Tuaran, 88300, KK, Sabah

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Eat healthy, we like!

(Backdated blog post)

Sunday evening the siblings opted for our favourite and a something healthy. What else but Japanese food for dinner. We were walking around in 1Borneo Hypermall and decided to have it in Sushi King. If you've been folowing my blog, you will know how much we love going for Japanese instead on Korean. Would really love to try what's it like the Japanese food in another country and of course hopefully Japan someday.

Without much saying, just like to share what we had on that day.

My nyummy Salmon + Egg and Rice. It was not a raw salmon though. Different from what I usually had. It's deep fried. I still prefer the raw one.

Personally speaking, I did not quite like the taste of those takoyaki balls compared to the ones selling at the stalls in some shopping malls we had. I was not the only one. My siblings are not quite fond of it as well.

Chuka kurage, one of those kind of Japanese meal that will always be on my list. So if you want to buy me dinner, I'll be more than happy if you include this one on my menu!

And Okinomiyaki, I call it the Japanese version of mini pizza. I love this one as well.

Actually there's more food but you know being me, I've skipped some dish because I could not wait to just munched on it. I could not resist, sorry. My attempt to being a food blogger,
FAILED. Big time! Whoops! Haha :D

Sushi King
1Borneo Hypermall
12 September 2010

Friday, 8 October 2010

Tanamera, tana, tana....

Tanamera night out with cousins and siblings.

Same shop, at the same table and chairs.
(Did I forgot to mention at the same spot? Hee :D )
But this time without laptops.
Just mobile phones.

Forgive me for not having a single photo or two. Was so hungry I could eat a cow. Chicken chop rice for me and even ate lok lok together with the others. The dim sum next door was even more tempting. Yeah, I told you I was starving, did I? Love yumcha sessions like this. Oh my goodness, I am just so Chinese. But it could ruin something. There goes my diet. Yikes! :P

Thursday, 7 October 2010

I barely talk, but got texted

You could never have imagine how much clutter I had on my office desk today. Piles of paper works, boxes and stuffs. Use your imagination. I was busy the whole morning, afternoon. Was too busy to even talk. Or because it was an awkward feeling to be talkative and spontaneous as before anymore. I could never be the same. It's a sad thing I supposed.

But then...
When evening comes...

*sounds from a familiar tone*

Maybe just a simple text is all I need, like say hello perhaps?
It's better than being ignored. Thank you ! :)

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

It's pouring, it's a bliss!

Once in a gloomy weather afternoon, it reminded me of something.

I feel like staying in bed the whole day long. Having brunch served on bed. Getting on my comfy comforter. Soft pillows on the back. Still in my pajamas. I just feel like doing nothing. Lazy days. Watching some DVDs, I got to watch some movies I've been wanting to for what seems like ages ago. Once in a while, I want to just sit by the window witnessing rainy raindrops. Thunderstorms, the sound of it. Is it me or the weather seems a bliss? Or I could enjoy making love with my love for book. With a cup of hot tea of course. Haven't done this in a long time. Didn't I mention I wasn't up for anything? Oh well, Sometimes nothing is something.

I feel like taking the day off.
I'm planning to do this one of these days, ONE OF THESE DAYS.
Be patient, just wait for it. When it comes, it has to be special.

Bear with me....because it was pouring like mad like suddenly where I work just now.
I was day dreaming. Maybe yes. Maybe not.

Or was it just something you've said?
Do you care dancing in the rain with me? :)

Monday, 4 October 2010

October and I thank you

October, I've mention to someone that I want to make you a happier month.
So I've started off my 1st day pretty well. Full of smiles, I don't need to explain why, do I?
Even Monday doesn't have to be blue anymore. :)

Before I ran out of words, from my heart, I'm going to say this.....

Thank you God cause you make those people around me who actually cares, existed.

Loved ones, friends & family, they are special.

Strangers in the night (eh, isn't that a song title? :P) or day,
the one that got instant connection, you know who you are,
no worries love, you have a special place in my heart too.
It's just the matter of time until.

To my blogger friends, beloved readers and followers on my blog & Twitter,
especially those who have always dropping by to see what I've shared,
I appreciate it so much.

And like what I've said on my other social networking site,
there is always a reason to smile.
And I thank you.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

To 'Aly & Kate'

I haven't been doing this for so long, I think why not get started for the sake of fun? :)

This is a blog post entry for 'Aly & Kate'.

Given the choice to pick what is my favourite planner/journal? I had a hard time choosing one, like seriously. My favourite planner will be the '7 Days Scheduler' , you know the black one with a camera shaped journal. Yeah the one where you can slot in a picture of you.

Coz it reminds me of my everyday memories inside a camera. Your camera is like a personal journal, what's happening around in your life. What you wrote in it, it's like a memory card. Both are like essentials, a girl best friend that we could not live without.

And my number 1 must have in my wardrobe?

Let me see. Hmm...Colourful or bright colours outfit! Do I even need to have an explaination? For the positive vibes and so it will make a cheerier dull day! :)

I count my lucky stars if I could randomly win this! Hee :D

Wanna join this as well?
Collection 1:A+ For Style(Free Giveaway)