Saturday, 9 October 2010

Eat healthy, we like!

(Backdated blog post)

Sunday evening the siblings opted for our favourite and a something healthy. What else but Japanese food for dinner. We were walking around in 1Borneo Hypermall and decided to have it in Sushi King. If you've been folowing my blog, you will know how much we love going for Japanese instead on Korean. Would really love to try what's it like the Japanese food in another country and of course hopefully Japan someday.

Without much saying, just like to share what we had on that day.

My nyummy Salmon + Egg and Rice. It was not a raw salmon though. Different from what I usually had. It's deep fried. I still prefer the raw one.

Personally speaking, I did not quite like the taste of those takoyaki balls compared to the ones selling at the stalls in some shopping malls we had. I was not the only one. My siblings are not quite fond of it as well.

Chuka kurage, one of those kind of Japanese meal that will always be on my list. So if you want to buy me dinner, I'll be more than happy if you include this one on my menu!

And Okinomiyaki, I call it the Japanese version of mini pizza. I love this one as well.

Actually there's more food but you know being me, I've skipped some dish because I could not wait to just munched on it. I could not resist, sorry. My attempt to being a food blogger,
FAILED. Big time! Whoops! Haha :D

Sushi King
1Borneo Hypermall
12 September 2010

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