Saturday, 30 October 2010

My triple ten

(Backdated blog post)

Triple ten. Nice one. The date 10.10.10 is special as it comes only once in life. Since I figured it should be spend with something valuable, so charity Sunday it is! My early morning's was awaken by the drizzled rain at Sunday morning church mass was beautiful. And the part after the rain was even more meaningful.

Breakfast with loved ones at our favourite 'kedai kopi'.
Having 'Kuching/Sarawak Laksa' is LOVE. Missing the authentic ones, still.
While everyone else at some part of the world was sleeping, and some were itching to be somewhere they never been before...And while I'm busy on mobile web, we were on the way to Kota Marudu with the rest of the church members. Full of love with food supplies and clothing. We were blessed with good weather. I thank the Man High Above. I was reminded of the past. Familiar route. I've been here. Something's changed. A lil better.

Our first destination.

See the sky, ain't it a beauty?
Super love the blue white sky formation!

Oh, I meet you again!
Hello! :)

After that, we headed to our second destination.

Took a while to get there. Again, it's my second time here. Like last time, we were greeted by the villagers and served with pandan coconut or I like to call it 'buko pandan' . It was scorching hot that afternoon. The weather was madness. But I enjoy every bit of it. Cooling coconut is always refreshing when it comes to this.

Well, hello there!
Yet another familiar face :)

I love it the view from up here!

In between meeting village folks and admiring the view,
I took a couple of shots of my day.
My last step before heading home.
And hope to come back soon.

That was how my triple ten were.

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