Monday, 4 October 2010

October and I thank you

October, I've mention to someone that I want to make you a happier month.
So I've started off my 1st day pretty well. Full of smiles, I don't need to explain why, do I?
Even Monday doesn't have to be blue anymore. :)

Before I ran out of words, from my heart, I'm going to say this.....

Thank you God cause you make those people around me who actually cares, existed.

Loved ones, friends & family, they are special.

Strangers in the night (eh, isn't that a song title? :P) or day,
the one that got instant connection, you know who you are,
no worries love, you have a special place in my heart too.
It's just the matter of time until.

To my blogger friends, beloved readers and followers on my blog & Twitter,
especially those who have always dropping by to see what I've shared,
I appreciate it so much.

And like what I've said on my other social networking site,
there is always a reason to smile.
And I thank you.

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