Sunday, 31 October 2010

World's Coolest Intern

I am so sick, tired and bored with my daily routine here in a small town.

It's a typical day. I am feeling normal as usual.

Waking up to the morning's, I switched on the laptop.
Besides, checking my email's inbox, this will be starters even before anything else.
The first thing I did was logging on into my Twitter account. Greeted the world with a smile emoticon. Ah yes, a good day wishes too. Checking in what's happening, I don't think I need a newspaper sometimes. With this, I knew what is going faster even before I get the morning paper. But I still go for the paper to know about the local news while having a cup of tea. Oh did I forgot to mention about logging into Facebook that the same time as well? It's good to know about friends who are like millions apart from you and get connected with this social network.

But that doesn't stopped just there.

I'll be on Plurk, Yahoo Messenger and other social media websites. My day at work always be filled with all sorts information I get by just one click. Oh, the wonders of new world communication, interaction of media. You can find me always spreading what's on and what's not. Spreading the news. Spread the love to all. Ain't sharing is caring? I love this.

I think I should be one of the 'World's Coolest Intern' to join the Breeze mobile banking in Singapore cause I am absolutely crazy and nuts about social media. I started off my day and end with it. I eat & sleep with it. Throw me in the wild without an internet connection, I'll be starving for it. I'm a nocturnal, so true. I'll danced through the hours for this kind of opportunity. I want to learn something new. I'm willing . I think I have the passion. I want to strive for the best to achieve, stand tall and market the product. With endless effort. Tell me who does not want to work with Standard Chartered? I know I wouldn't missed this for the world.

"What are the chances of winning this?"
I asked myself.

This is last minute. I know. But what the heck. There's simply no harm in trying. For all you know I'll be flying to Singapore or probably win some credit here. Maybe. Even if I don't, at least I have tried. This is my first step of taking risk and chances.

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