Thursday, 11 November 2010

Was too shy, but I made that call.

(Hey, hey!)

It was 11 something last night, if I'm not mistaken.

Was I bored or something? Or maybe I was not that sleepy yet. Was listening to online as usual. I don't know. I'm not sure what gotten me. Jin was on duty. I just love it every time he goes on air. There is something about a DJ. They seriously have a great voice. And for some, good looking as well.

Never in my life would I'd be thinking to call a radio station. Cause I'm just too shy like that. *blush* Like seriously. N. E.V.E.R. Oh yeah, I'm emphasizing. Haha! :P But I DID! Yes, I really did! I can't believe myself. I've been trying for few minutes. I know it's never easy to get through. I didn't give up. Number was too busy. Again and again. It was not that long though.

I heard a familiar voice.
Did I just heard him on radio?
Little did I realize that I was already talking to Jin!
Like OMG, OMG! *turns into fangirl mode for a moment*
For awhile, I was nervous. Slowly fading.
We're were talking about Stompin' a bit.
I'm glad he didn't put me on air. I think lah.
Off air is better. Phew! *sweats*
And he played me Incubus 'Drive' song.

It was good speaking to you, Jin! *waves*
(If only you were reading this, please comment...heehe :D)

Nice. A good night to end. My first time calling the radio station. Indeed. ;)

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