Friday, 31 December 2010

2010, a last note....

Haven't got a fully good 8 hours sleep these days. And what more to get this blog of mine updated. I have been pretty much occupied or not. Let's just say that I was distracted by some wonders of the world that is happening right now. Let me just live for the moment.

Just want to share a short last note what I wrote on one of my social networking site before entering a new year.

The last few weeks of 2010 with you has been awesome, the whole year has it ups and downs but it was worth the ride. And 2011, I am looking forward to greet you with lots of love and smiles along the way. Would you join me in my future adventure? All the best to us! *hugs*

Monday, 27 December 2010

I am a Fruit Monster

(Backlogged post)

......probably not!

The siblings & cousins have ditched 'Frenz' these days.

'Fruit Monster' has been our new hang-out place. We found a perfect eatery since some of us is on a healthy diet plan. Not that it's bad, seriously think it's good for everyone. More vegetables, more fruits, more juices and less oily food. We want to look good in a nice figure and it's all about getting fit and healthy for a better year ahead.

Oh nope, I am not the one who's on diet.
I love my food too much. But it does not mean I ain't controlling my meal intake.

This is how the place looks like.
It's not a fancy place but good enough to have a conversation
(when there's less people in it though) while having dinner.

My cuzzy sister's colourful salad.

Brother's -the I don't know what it's called meal- but looks really yummy tho'!
And oh my goodness, the portion was huge!
If only I could remember what's it called.

My Lamb Teppanyaki
That made me happy that night.

Fruit Monster
is located in Lintas area,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Breakfast at Pipin's

I thought I could resist posting some food photos here but hey, guess what? I can't, obviously! My mission of trying to separate food blog posts at the other blog failed big time! Heehe. Whoever find that blog would know that it's not been updated again. Looks like my true love is still in this blog. I keep coming back. That's how strong it is. :)

It's another good morning to start.

Finally had the chance to try the home-made meehoon soup & taufu for breakfast at Pipin's. It is famous among the locals & everyone outside of Sabah as well. There is something about the tasty soy sauce and what you called it, pork broth? Heehe. It's pretty delicious. Nuff' said.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

I've missed those desserts!

(Backdated post )

That one day where we only wanted some sweets for dinner.

Enjoying desserts at 'Kak Nong'. *hearts*

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Food for love at Kasih Sayang Resort

Continuation from this post

It was cold. My stomach was already grumbling, as mentioned.
I started off with my warm drink while waiting for my meal.
I simply adore the smell of peppermint.

Peppermint Tea in a Teapot

Here's some food pictures to share.
And please don't put the blame on me if you're suddenly feeling hungry again after this.
It took them sometime to prepare the food but no complains though.
With me starving already? Oh yes, this place helps me to just chill for a bit.

Organic Mushroom Soup (Soup of The Day)

A Bowl of Meehoon Soup


Lamb Stew ( Comes with a plate of rice )

Nasi Lemak Special

Cheers for good food & company & happy vibes! :)

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Jipaban – My 2010 Santarina

I recall knowing Jipaban's existent from a friend who works at one of the regional Nuffnang office. And the friend even hinted that it will hit Malaysian shores very soon. I was more than happy to know that when they finally landed here! Cause you know what? I've always being a fan of shopping online by just a click! And I now can shop without having to open a lot of tabs on my browser.

What's Jipaban if you may ask? is an online shopping mall that offers both retailers and shoppers a novelty experience with integrated social networking elements. And did you know that it is the largest online shopping mall in South East Asia, awesome right? Malaysian and Singaporean get to shop under one roof.

And Jipaban being really generous this Christmas, there are running a contest you Nuffnangers could just get the perfect gift AND score yourself some cash at the same time! Woohoo! Jipaban playing as Santarina is Love!

This Christmas, I would love to get something as a gift for my mother. A Sachel handbag from ClothesForFun for the price of RM65 will be lovely. I wanted to get this gift as a sign of love & appreciation for her. How hardworking she has been, working night & day just to earn some savings & to put food on the table. And simply for anything else she has done to the family. Those sacrifices that a mother would do for her beloved children. I would not asked for another better mum like her. We love her to bits. This bag would be perfect for her travel needs.

Since she barely had time to shop on her own, I hope I could win this as a Christmas treat. I think I deserved to win this as I have been a really good this year. It would meant everything to me making someone precious smile by sharing something. Like they said 'Sharing is indeed caring.'

Friday, 3 December 2010

Day Trip : Kasih Sayang Health Resort

One day, we, let's just say the Fantastic4 decided that we took the day off up to Kokol Hill. It was a last minute plan but we were more than game for something like this. I mean like who the hell could resist a cooling breeze on top of the hill? Not us, obviously.

We went around and found an empty spot. My sister & I, we have always love this spot. It's not actually empty. But this place look as if it is. With only tree branches, without leaves & rocks & stones & nature surroundings. Feels lonely but still it's special. The spot, we had a mini photo shoot. :)

Our tummy started grumbling as we were photo-shooting till our camera battery almost died. And that's when we decided to have lunch nearby.

After that we headed to this place.
My favourite health resort, 'Kasih Sayang '.

Oh, oh, hello there!
We meet again love.

Stepping in.
Ooh, I love it here.
I could say that again, and again.
A home away not quite from home.
This could be a getaway heaven for weekenders.
And take note lovers, it's a nice place, perfect for honeymooners.

While waiting for my lunch to be served, I was starving. I was getting restless.
I can't help it but to snap for more pictures.

I saw this.

Somehow I am usually distracted by this one particular flower.
Is it me, or maybe the striking colour caught my attention?
There is something about it.
The yellow sunflower.
No signs of my food arriving yet.

I took some time killing to feast my eyes with breath-taking views.
It's spectacular amazingly beautiful from up here.
To be honest, I don't mind staying longer.

I finally sat down while savouring my yummy lunch.
Enjoying the air with the chit chattering and laughter in between.
I simply love hanging out with my crazy bunch lovelies!

Lovely catching up & relaxing afternoon.
They don't call this place 'love' for nothing.


More photos here :