Friday, 3 December 2010

Day Trip : Kasih Sayang Health Resort

One day, we, let's just say the Fantastic4 decided that we took the day off up to Kokol Hill. It was a last minute plan but we were more than game for something like this. I mean like who the hell could resist a cooling breeze on top of the hill? Not us, obviously.

We went around and found an empty spot. My sister & I, we have always love this spot. It's not actually empty. But this place look as if it is. With only tree branches, without leaves & rocks & stones & nature surroundings. Feels lonely but still it's special. The spot, we had a mini photo shoot. :)

Our tummy started grumbling as we were photo-shooting till our camera battery almost died. And that's when we decided to have lunch nearby.

After that we headed to this place.
My favourite health resort, 'Kasih Sayang '.

Oh, oh, hello there!
We meet again love.

Stepping in.
Ooh, I love it here.
I could say that again, and again.
A home away not quite from home.
This could be a getaway heaven for weekenders.
And take note lovers, it's a nice place, perfect for honeymooners.

While waiting for my lunch to be served, I was starving. I was getting restless.
I can't help it but to snap for more pictures.

I saw this.

Somehow I am usually distracted by this one particular flower.
Is it me, or maybe the striking colour caught my attention?
There is something about it.
The yellow sunflower.
No signs of my food arriving yet.

I took some time killing to feast my eyes with breath-taking views.
It's spectacular amazingly beautiful from up here.
To be honest, I don't mind staying longer.

I finally sat down while savouring my yummy lunch.
Enjoying the air with the chit chattering and laughter in between.
I simply love hanging out with my crazy bunch lovelies!

Lovely catching up & relaxing afternoon.
They don't call this place 'love' for nothing.


More photos here :

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