Sunday, 20 February 2011

Stageless and unexpected...

I have always wanted to attend an acoustic night event but never really get the chance to. So last night I did. Thanks to my younger brother. Since I have no idea there was one.

I really enjoyed myself watching the performance and ended up with this status :

"Can't believe I saw Jin Hackman just now! Vanilla Affogato is ♥ and STAGELESS @ STARBUCKS presented by BANDWIDTH MAG tonight was amazing! ^_^"

I could not believe my eyes with the special appearance!
And Vandal & Nadhira were there too! :D

What a night fill with excitement! whee!

Oh, oh how could I forget all about this, not intentionally though coz someone's playing & I won't be there! *sigh* Thinking about it makes me want to be at two places at once but oh well,oh well...maybe next time.

Here's another Starbucks event to look forward to which is
WHAT WE AIM FOR music fest 2011 (by CLEF TREBLE )

Anyways, if you're like me, a Sabahan or staying in Kota Kinabalu & absolutely
♥ watching local bands perform, do come & support them! Please be my eyes and ears while I go feasting with the nature. Heehe :)

Pretty please do that for me.

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