Thursday, 10 March 2011

If You Stay

Morning started early and as I looked up the sky, it felt different. Or was it just my sleepy self feeling?

It seems like ages, I know. Today's Thursday and I didn't realize what day today's supposed to be. WhoOps, I forgot about that something. *sigh* But I don't intend to share and talk about it here. Just need to blog and share something else though. Can lah right? Hee :D

Got this from Ate' Pinks and find this Joseph Vincent guy good looking and, and he's talented too. Ahhhhh....what a perfect combo! There's something about you, the guy who plays guitar & can sing! Tell me why am I so attracted to this kind of guy? Tell me....

If You Stay

if only.....hmmmmm.....

Good night dear! ♥

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