Wednesday, 30 March 2011

This particular one, I've missed you....

It felt so good, I could not deny it. This day, today, could not be any better. Like an old friend reunited, that has not been in contact for ages, met in a foreign land. Fixed where broken heartaches were mend. Haters are not forever. Strangers became lovers in love, eventually. And some of the thing's we wanted so bad before has become memories, we never thought would.

Wednesday like this are not ordinary.
I'm sick, it's true. But those jokes & laughter's made were so infectious!
It is truly the best medicine I had in awhile. I don't mind having this as a daily dosage of drugs. Yeah, like seriously!

Meh! Heehe :P

O, the late night conversation like this.
This particular one.
I've missed you.

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