Saturday, 5 March 2011

Oh hello March, where has the time gone?

Was there but I couldn't meet them there. Maybe next time guys!

Few days ago, I spent the whole week on a road trip in another country. Our schedule was so packed, it was pretty hectic having to be travelling on the road for hours. But the beautiful scenery and companion made it so well worth it, I actually would not mind doing it all over again. Oh yes, even the 12 hours journey to reach the destination!

Noticed the traffic?
Was on a vacation in the Philippines :)

I'm back home now from a great adventure with a little bit of piece of my heart left there. I'm glad to be with my loved ones, home sweet home even if I'm going to miss the other country so much! *sobs* Will be back soon, I hope.

I wished my Globe number has roaming here!

Oh hello March, where has the time gone?

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