Thursday, 7 April 2011

And I ♥ you so!

Do you ever believe in ♥ at first sight?
I'm not a fan or firm believer but in this case, maybe it is.
I'm not sure. It's crazy! Insanity of a love bug, someone help me out here!
I could probably write a ♥ song or play an instrument of my choice, if only I'm capable doing so. But I guess I will stick to singing this hour.

No matter how much I've tried to resist this feeling of mine, so many times it seems so hard. How can I avoid you? It's tempting! The thing about you and me, I kept hearing you call my name.

'Dear, dear, dear.....'

I even dreamt about you...

Sweet dreams are made of this.....

I've over used some words way too much but what the heck. I have to say that..The distance always plays hard to get. Seems difficult to reach,kills me. Still that remains close, even closer to my heart. Oh the power of love, it's powerful, amazing! Damn, look what you have to me!

That plate of Tuaran mee, I lay my eyes way too times for you but every moment is way too special for me. Having you makes me feel like it's Sunday every morning. One thing I have to shamely admit...

And I ♥ you so! ^_^

*slaps self*

I'm not fully awake yet...Hahaha :P

Can you believe that this kind of food could become my source of inspiration in writing this? Or was it just that song playing in my head? Someone better get me an answer.


Myx said...

It seems that you really fell in love with that food hehe :P Are you referring to the Filipino song And I Love You So? It has a movie version starring Bea Alonzo and Sam Milby

Eudora said...

Hey Mica, you can read my mind! Love that song! ^_^ And about loving the food? Yeah more or less about it!Kinda... Heheh! :P