Tuesday, 12 April 2011

It's 12th April, it's my birthday!

Slept late again last night. Thanks to an awesome conversation.

I've been sleeping really good and having sweet dreams lately,where it happened on a high mountain, so beautiful, nothing's missing, it was all perfect! The only thing I wished for is it will come to reality. It felt so nice, it's indescribable.

Woke up, still feeling sleepy.
And my wall's ( No, I don't mean my bedroom wall...Haha :P ) were already flooded with words of love & as I tweeted : Waking up to a whole lot of happy wishes! I like! ^_^ I was dancing & singing my morning, as if it's Sunday.

Was feeling really,really good today.
Still smiling on the few text messages I got on my phone this morning. And to receive something twice on my day makes it even more awesome, one on FB & on text, wheee! Not forgetting the only YM message I got from the Philippines! What makes this year a more special one and meaningful cause it's made of extra ingredient and it's too sweet for words! Nice treatment could somehow swept me off my feet.

And guess what? My favourite Malaysian band ESTRANGED finally released the music video of their new single 'Pengganti' today! Oh yes, on my birthday & it's super duper cool, you guys should watch it! Which leads to a tweet from @estrangedband : @eudoraluvart a special bday gift for u? Hee :D I still love this guys :)

I found my new addiction recently too....local Sabahan bands Xinxerena & The Ariez , thanks for the ♥ on my day! I'm so much in ♥, so much you could take my breath away! I'm addicted to you? ^_^

And thanks to social network site, friends and family were never too far to reached me & show some birthday ♥ as well!

It's 12th April, it's my birthday, I maybe broke but happy, I'm still content & appreciative coz I could breathe till this day! :)

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