Sunday, 10 April 2011

My 1st Pre-Bday surprise ever!

I've never expected anything more each year. Even as the years passed by, I only count my blessings as the day came every year.

Last Friday was a usual working day for me. Usual but I felt something different. I am not sure. Maybe it is just a feeling that got me affected the other night. Even when I've made that one apology. That different feeling made me feel like there was something not right and lead me to talking to a colleague about getting 'surprised'. Since honestly, I've never got any before. Yeah seriously! But that doesn't mean I got a clue about it.

I wouldn't want to go much details about it but yes, would love to share a snippet of it here. And since it is my first, why not document this happiness right? :)

When I got home that day, my sister was early from work. That's strange. But I didn't suspect any fishy thingy going on. I went straight to my room & went online. Was supposed to go out that night but it didn't went through. And I had to cancel some plans with cousins before too. I was in the room for few minutes and I even managed to update my a-social-network-site status, I've mentioned how the month of April will be the one I'd ♥ for oh so many reasons.

Just seconds after that, my sister knocked on the door & asked me a question from outside. I had no choice but to opened it to answer her question. As I was about to get out and beginning to get the question answered.....

My sister, brother & my cousins, some came from Labuan & KL shouted "Surprise!" with a cake on their hand but wait, they forgot candles! Hahahaha :P Even if they weren't candles on the cake yet, I was already speechless with their surprises! I almost got a heart attack like seriously! It lasted for almost 15 minutes or so till I could breathe properly. Still in shock but was smiling from ear to ear, literally!

Home-baked advanced birthday cake (Thank you Ate' Finks), awesome food & desserts and a mini reunion of the cousins, is totally love! I appreciate the thoughts and I could not asked for more! Thank you everyone who made that plan a success & Mum and Dad as well !

And if you're wondering and asking what's my wish as I blew the candles last week? It's going to remain a secret. And it'll still be the same on my real birth date. Heehe :D

Am I done here? Oh yes...



Hahahaha :P

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