Friday, 22 April 2011


I like this another awesome work by Wong Fu Production or was it just coz there's David Choi in it? Meh. I just thought I'd share this with my blog readers since I saw everyone's been sharing it on Twitter. ^_^

In life, in reality, in friendships & relationships, everyone has to go through with it whether we like it or not. Life is not full of fairy tales, it's not always bed of roses. It was never that easy, it's true. Hardships we had to faced. Nothing's fair enough. Decisions & choices were made. We just have to deal with it. Sometimes, we wonder no matter how perfect it may be in the first place, where did it all went wrong? It always ended up the way we never expected at all.

My heart may have been broken before, when every time it hurts like hell, too much I could no longer feel the pain. But it doesn't mean that I don't believe in the existence of love anymore. I'm a firm believer in it & risk taker still. You probably hear this every time darling, the one whom I used to say this to previously, I'm always so full of it, 'the love' remember?

oh well, just my two cents worth of it...

heehe ;)

Happy Good Friday all!

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