Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Day 6 : Last day in Manila 270211

After Sunday mass, we spent the whole day doing last minute shopping in Manila. I thought I should have resist doing some shopping since it's not my actual main purpose being there. I'm there for sight-seeing. But who could do such thing? I love shopping in Manila! :)

Besides glorious shopping here, I simply love it where snacks and fast food joints & stalls are endless! I had a great time munching & trying on food as much as I can. I make it a point that every new place I visit, it's a must to taste something not familiar to myself.

When I got tired of shopping, I saw this 'Serenitea' signboard.
It reminded me of my Pinoy blogger friend, Carlos. He love it so much, I'm not sure how many times I saw him tweeted about it. Again, my curiosity hit me.

So I decided to give it a shot.
I fell in love. The best bubble tea I've had !

Me and giving Daddy a treat with a 'Serenitea' drink while waiting for the rest finished doing shopping. While chilling, I found an article or advert regarding my another Pinoy blogger friend, Hannah Rika Villasis and two other, their fun trip to Illocos Norte on a magazine. Which is also the reason why we wanted to go to that part of Phillipines. :)

Monday, 30 May 2011

I want it, and I got it! Thanks lucky Monday ♥ ! ^_^

It's a holiday but I can't help it, I am up already. So much for getting used to being an early riser. I was listening to Era.fm KK since last week....so rare, it's not usual. Saw someone re-tweeted DJ Illy's tweet about the Rock Zone pass for 'Konsert ERA KK' the day before and without any second thought, I tweeted DJ Illy that I was going to call her to win the pass.

As soon as I heard the queue to call, I grab my cellphone and dialled the number. Wait, I didn't even press the numbers, I immediately press the call button. So yeah, I pre-saved it...Haha :P When I heard Illy's voice, I was like saying this in my head," What the heck , did I just do?" But I continued doing what I'm supposed to do. I think I embarrassed myself singing on Malay local radio station for the first time...Yikes! Thank goodness for that kind DJ, I got a free 4 Rock Zone passes to see my favourite bands live on 11th June!

Wheee....I'm over the moon, obviously! *bwek*

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Day 5 : Manila/ Tagaytay 260211

Good morning from the City State Hotel...

Was having my American breakfast with Kuya Fie while watching the morning news on television at the hotel's cafe. While waiting for Rey, to drive us and the rest of the family members to Tagaytay and other destination that day.

Toasted bread, egg & ham and a glass of orange juice to go with.

On the way up to Tagaytay, we've passed through some luxury homes ,where some famous people & celebs homes are. I love it when most of their house is influenced by the American home design. Makes me want to own a property there. But it's kind of expensive to own one there since the land is limited and especially when it comes to certain area.

Spent the whole morning and afternoon in the chapel & awesome Taal Lake view in Tagaytay. And had probably the best 'bulalo' dish there! It was so worth it. After lunch, we headed back down to Manila for a few hours of shopping at malls and ended the late night with sushi's for supper! Hahaha :P

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Star of her own & The Ariez

I sang this song once, record it and sent.
That was actually my first time & I got addicted to doing that daily.
I love that song so much I could memorize the lyrics in an instant, each word meant something. And it has become my lullaby each night ever since.

One particular song caught my attention and I remember watching it on Youtube almost every day and I actually got active again on my Reverbnation account just because of this. It was put on repeat mode. And Oh boy, I didn't realize I've been on that site for such a long time now.


And that lullaby I would love to call mine is actually by a local Sabahan band called The Ariez. Before this, I swear I've heard of them but I never really care of their existence till a friend told me that he was in that band. That friend of mine will be remain anonymous.

Photo credit : Radzie Rahman of Seri Gaya Studio

The Ariez current line-up is from left to right Nuar, Don, Sarin, Prop (Middle), Gary & Rojan. I'm just gonna mention them by their nick name and not by their full name, is not that I don't know hey! :P You guys go figure it out ey?

Is it fate or coincidence that their original band name The Aries as in Aries, the horoscope is my birth zodiac as well? Wow, maybe this band is fated with me.

Truth to be told, I have never met them personally or even see them perform until recently. I have missed a lot, I've turned down some of the invitation but that doesn't mean I care less. You know that right? And with constant conversation & support and promoting them on the net, I got to know these guys just a little bit more & their manager Angel as well. The wonders of social networking, so wonderful and powerful.

On the 1st May 2011, thanks for the company of my cuzzy sister, although I hesitate at first but I went anyway. Finally met them all in person. First time. Since I've told the manager that I'm going to take my vcd and maybe surprise them there. Which I ended up calling Rojan anyways! But thanks to him for saying hi first, cause I don't think I have the guts for the first time. :)

So who are they exactly?
Allow me to introduce them in my personal notes.....

Let's start with Nuar. :)
He is this friendly, tall and lanky guy who plays the keyboard. This good looking fella looks a bit Chinese to me at first glance. Plus he has a fair skin as well. And I like it when you can easily talk to someone when you never met that person before. Or it's probably his sense of humour. :P

Don, the lead guitarist and the leader of the band. I don't really get talk much with him but he is one talented guy behind all this, the band Ariez and the production.

Sarin, the drummer who I never get to talk to in person. Too bad cause he had to rush every time the show's over. But at least, he had the effort to drop by and say hello on chat.

Prop the vocalist, has the voice to die for. It's no wonder every female in Kota Kinabalu will fall in love with him every time he sang a song. Cause I know it melts my heart now & then. Well only with his voice lah. But yeah, I have to admit I would love to try to do a Tagalog song duet with him....If I could, given the chance. Can I ? :D

Gary the other guitarist of the band. The guy who would just smile and be calm in whatever situation he's facing. He's that cool one I would say. Looks mysterious but not really. Heh! :p

Rojan the bassist, the cute friendly guy in town. Heehee. This happy go lucky guy never fail to make me smile. He could be my partner in crime. Why? Cause he can be as crazy as me. And he is the first guy in the band who I think I've known for a long time.

And why I the Ariez?

I have a thing or two about bands that wrote their own stuff and produced too. I know I don't usually listen to Malay songs (someone would have known this) but I was so surprised myself that this band actually got me attached. Is it the Indon influence to it? I'm not sure but I almost every songs on their Reverbnation. And now that I got their cd, I can't resist playing it all over again! I'm not saying this because I'm paid coz I'm not & just because a friend is in it. This is an honest opinion and I'd like you all to know that. Heehee ;)

Ok think that's it for now,
More on them again next time!


For more information about them :

The Ariez Official Facebook Page
The Ariez on Reverbnation
The Ariez on MySpace

Sunday, 22 May 2011

A plus on my list...

Is it just pure coincidence to be admiring two people with the same first name?
Tall and good looking guys and both have the talent in music?

An A+ on my list...
But I can go on dreaming.



Hee :D

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Day 4 : Goodbye Vigan, Manila I'm Back! 250211

After our last bite of Vigan breakfast, bags are all packed and we were ready to leave again .And as we headed out from the hotel, there was a parade going on outside. But too bad we need to go to finished up our itinerary before going back to Manila. Schedule's too tight we had no time.

It was already night time when we arrived.

Hello Manila, I've missed you!

With Daddy as our guide, he's an expert in this, off we went!
Into the streets of a busy city, we went to look for dinner. It took us for some time to finally decide what we wanted to eat. Filipino Chinese food, nyums! Did some shopping I thought I don't need to, oops! :P And to think that it's been like for 4 years since my last trip, I am still familiar with this mall. So much for loving this place.

And you know what?
I'm missing Krispy Kreme donuts for dessert already! :(

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Day 3 : I ♥ Vigan City, Illocos Norte 240211

First step out from the vehicle we were in and already you took my breath away. Few hours of journey from Laoag, we finally arrived in Vigan City. When we got there it was lunch time! We were starving and got our first bite & taste of Illocano-Vigan food! Ooh whee, I am a happy food lover :) After a filling happy tummy, we walked halfway around the historical city and went for the kalesa ride, mine with my big kuya to finished up the whole town tour.

Night came as we finally finished our city tour.

Back to the hotel room again for some showering and rested for a while. After watching & enjoying some Pinoy show on the television, we were out again. Off for some late dinner and some entertainment. We wanted to go for a videoke session but found non good one. This is a quiet little city, for someone like me, it' hard not to fall in love. Ended up with lots of chatting & sharing stories outside the cafe, having supper of good seafood, tilapia fish, squids and all as pulutan & San Miguel beers to keep the conversation going! What a great way to spend the night with everyone you love, good food & good company is always a plus! :)

On the comfy bed of Vigan Plaza Plaza, I think I had the best sleep ever for the night!

Only for one night, it was love at first sight!
Vigan, I'll be back, you just wait.....

Monday, 2 May 2011

Dear X With ♥

No one recommended it to me or even introduced them to me to before. It's just a typical day surfing the net on a social networking site that I stumbled upon this band. And it was love at first heard? Or should I say first sight? ^_^

It didn't even occurred to me that 'someone' was in the band too.
And what was this particular familiar face doing there?
I didn't even have a itsy bitsy single clue that 'someone' has something to do with music.

Curiousity it kills me, damn it's true. So being the person that I am, I go searching for an answer. I found a couple of videos on Youtube. Their previous performances were a -Awesome! And when I got to know about their single 'Paradise', oh man, I was completely hooked!

You probably knew who I'll be talking about if you pay enough attention to my previous blog post and Twitter and other social networking status updates.

While singing some songs playing on the stereo , sitting tapping my feet on the ground, typing this, allowed me to introduced to you....

My new , Xinxerena.

I told someone this before that I might not know the meaning behind the name but for me, I find it is a unique name. And if I have a daughter, I'm going to name her after this band. Like seriously. No kidding. Hee :D

So, who are they if you asked me?

I won't be talking about how they started the band & who are the founder of this band cause I'll let you read about it here.

Xinxerena's current line-up is guitarist Aldo Del & Gary Collins, vocalist Jodie, drummer Dony and bassist Rojan. I might not know each of them up, close & personal yet, but in my opinion, as a local Sabahan band, they've captured my heart with their songs & talents. Young, fresh & talented in writing & producing their own materials both in English & Malay. And that is something I love about a band. Or was it just something personal? Yes, No, Maybe...(You could go figure it out if you want to...Heehe ;P)

From left to right : Aldo Del, Gary Collins, Jodie, Dony Henry & Rojan

(Picture Taken With Permission From Their FB Page)

Aldo or I much prefer calling you Del....
A guy who puts so much time & effort in making sure Xinx is where they are today. I think he writes awesome materials and he is one talented guy! Nice guy too!

Gary Collins
I believe behind that 'shy' look, he has a lot to say and besides, playing music instruments, I think this guy can sing even though he does not want to admit it. Guys, can he? Help me out here! Something's for sure, we both share the ♥ for the same taste in music & football team...Right? :P

Jodie J

The first time I heard your voice, I wish I could sing like you! Really! And to have that beauty of yours is such a plus :)

Dony Henry
I haven't met him yet but after chatting with him for a couple of times, I think he has this cute sense of humour & I think I found another younger brother to me. And I like that he appreciates me for what I've done. He has that shy look as well but he has a big attitude in his drumming skills.

Rojan J
Funny, friendly and outgoing. The way he interact with people could bring him far in this music industry. And he has another band besides Xinx.

I think that's about it for now....
Will be updating more about them from time to time! :)

With Lots of ♥,
Your Biggest Fan xx

For more information about Xinxerena, you can check out :

Xinxerena Official Facebook Page
Xinxerena on Twitter
Xinxerena on Reverbnation

Sunday, 1 May 2011

A awesome day of music....

It's 1st of May already.
Oh wow, that time is ticking again .....

Sunday like this feels a bit rare and unusual. Maybe it's been too long now. My tummy felt uneasy. I'm not sure why. After a while, I got the hang out of it. I think. Thank goodness for the music. Yes, I am always thankful for the creation of it. Cause I am a fan. It plays an important role in me, it heals my soul. What do I do without it?

Today was a Awesome!
Cause it was filled with good vibes, good music and happy people!
Will definitely blog about this in detail if I have time. :)