Saturday, 7 May 2011

Day 3 : I ♥ Vigan City, Illocos Norte 240211

First step out from the vehicle we were in and already you took my breath away. Few hours of journey from Laoag, we finally arrived in Vigan City. When we got there it was lunch time! We were starving and got our first bite & taste of Illocano-Vigan food! Ooh whee, I am a happy food lover :) After a filling happy tummy, we walked halfway around the historical city and went for the kalesa ride, mine with my big kuya to finished up the whole town tour.

Night came as we finally finished our city tour.

Back to the hotel room again for some showering and rested for a while. After watching & enjoying some Pinoy show on the television, we were out again. Off for some late dinner and some entertainment. We wanted to go for a videoke session but found non good one. This is a quiet little city, for someone like me, it' hard not to fall in love. Ended up with lots of chatting & sharing stories outside the cafe, having supper of good seafood, tilapia fish, squids and all as pulutan & San Miguel beers to keep the conversation going! What a great way to spend the night with everyone you love, good food & good company is always a plus! :)

On the comfy bed of Vigan Plaza Plaza, I think I had the best sleep ever for the night!

Only for one night, it was love at first sight!
Vigan, I'll be back, you just wait.....

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