Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Day 6 : Last day in Manila 270211

After Sunday mass, we spent the whole day doing last minute shopping in Manila. I thought I should have resist doing some shopping since it's not my actual main purpose being there. I'm there for sight-seeing. But who could do such thing? I love shopping in Manila! :)

Besides glorious shopping here, I simply love it where snacks and fast food joints & stalls are endless! I had a great time munching & trying on food as much as I can. I make it a point that every new place I visit, it's a must to taste something not familiar to myself.

When I got tired of shopping, I saw this 'Serenitea' signboard.
It reminded me of my Pinoy blogger friend, Carlos. He love it so much, I'm not sure how many times I saw him tweeted about it. Again, my curiosity hit me.

So I decided to give it a shot.
I fell in love. The best bubble tea I've had !

Me and giving Daddy a treat with a 'Serenitea' drink while waiting for the rest finished doing shopping. While chilling, I found an article or advert regarding my another Pinoy blogger friend, Hannah Rika Villasis and two other, their fun trip to Illocos Norte on a magazine. Which is also the reason why we wanted to go to that part of Phillipines. :)

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