Monday, 2 May 2011

Dear X With ♥

No one recommended it to me or even introduced them to me to before. It's just a typical day surfing the net on a social networking site that I stumbled upon this band. And it was love at first heard? Or should I say first sight? ^_^

It didn't even occurred to me that 'someone' was in the band too.
And what was this particular familiar face doing there?
I didn't even have a itsy bitsy single clue that 'someone' has something to do with music.

Curiousity it kills me, damn it's true. So being the person that I am, I go searching for an answer. I found a couple of videos on Youtube. Their previous performances were a -Awesome! And when I got to know about their single 'Paradise', oh man, I was completely hooked!

You probably knew who I'll be talking about if you pay enough attention to my previous blog post and Twitter and other social networking status updates.

While singing some songs playing on the stereo , sitting tapping my feet on the ground, typing this, allowed me to introduced to you....

My new , Xinxerena.

I told someone this before that I might not know the meaning behind the name but for me, I find it is a unique name. And if I have a daughter, I'm going to name her after this band. Like seriously. No kidding. Hee :D

So, who are they if you asked me?

I won't be talking about how they started the band & who are the founder of this band cause I'll let you read about it here.

Xinxerena's current line-up is guitarist Aldo Del & Gary Collins, vocalist Jodie, drummer Dony and bassist Rojan. I might not know each of them up, close & personal yet, but in my opinion, as a local Sabahan band, they've captured my heart with their songs & talents. Young, fresh & talented in writing & producing their own materials both in English & Malay. And that is something I love about a band. Or was it just something personal? Yes, No, Maybe...(You could go figure it out if you want to...Heehe ;P)

From left to right : Aldo Del, Gary Collins, Jodie, Dony Henry & Rojan

(Picture Taken With Permission From Their FB Page)

Aldo or I much prefer calling you Del....
A guy who puts so much time & effort in making sure Xinx is where they are today. I think he writes awesome materials and he is one talented guy! Nice guy too!

Gary Collins
I believe behind that 'shy' look, he has a lot to say and besides, playing music instruments, I think this guy can sing even though he does not want to admit it. Guys, can he? Help me out here! Something's for sure, we both share the ♥ for the same taste in music & football team...Right? :P

Jodie J

The first time I heard your voice, I wish I could sing like you! Really! And to have that beauty of yours is such a plus :)

Dony Henry
I haven't met him yet but after chatting with him for a couple of times, I think he has this cute sense of humour & I think I found another younger brother to me. And I like that he appreciates me for what I've done. He has that shy look as well but he has a big attitude in his drumming skills.

Rojan J
Funny, friendly and outgoing. The way he interact with people could bring him far in this music industry. And he has another band besides Xinx.

I think that's about it for now....
Will be updating more about them from time to time! :)

With Lots of ♥,
Your Biggest Fan xx

For more information about Xinxerena, you can check out :

Xinxerena Official Facebook Page
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