Monday, 30 May 2011

I want it, and I got it! Thanks lucky Monday ♥ ! ^_^

It's a holiday but I can't help it, I am up already. So much for getting used to being an early riser. I was listening to KK since last rare, it's not usual. Saw someone re-tweeted DJ Illy's tweet about the Rock Zone pass for 'Konsert ERA KK' the day before and without any second thought, I tweeted DJ Illy that I was going to call her to win the pass.

As soon as I heard the queue to call, I grab my cellphone and dialled the number. Wait, I didn't even press the numbers, I immediately press the call button. So yeah, I pre-saved it...Haha :P When I heard Illy's voice, I was like saying this in my head," What the heck , did I just do?" But I continued doing what I'm supposed to do. I think I embarrassed myself singing on Malay local radio station for the first time...Yikes! Thank goodness for that kind DJ, I got a free 4 Rock Zone passes to see my favourite bands live on 11th June!

Wheee....I'm over the moon, obviously! *bwek*

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