Sunday, 12 June 2011

Youth Day 2011 (14052011)

Out with the boys that day.

Went to the 'Hari Belia' festival which was held at the Likas Sport Complex compound and car park area. There were so many exhibits on studies and career and food stalls that day. And even some fun activities to join. But I was more interested to the music performance part. Since we were too early for the mini concert, the boys decided to do some graffiti. While I just watch and record the moment.

About around noon, it rained for a bit but thank goodness for it has stopped just in time.
Sunshine came after a pouring rain....

The Ariez , my

It was great seeing The Ariez and their manager again. Honestly,I was there mainly to see them perform & give my support. And it was nice to actually get to hang-out and chill with for a while after the performance. I also saw Robcen whom I got to meet at the last show with the Ariez. He was there to perform with another great local band, Frontman Company. :)

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