Friday, 22 July 2011

My Story-Tales of Local Talent, 8th May 2011

I know it's kind of late to post this up but what the heck right?
For the future it's been recorded and just in case, I lost my memory *touch wood* I still have this to reflect back, at least.

Allow me to blog this in a different way perhaps?
I'm feeling kinda poetic. What's with the seriousness. This was supposed to be a fun blog. Okay, okay, I'm going to spoil the whole mood.


" How do you resist something so near and true to your heart?
The smell of strong coffee beans melt, wakes you up until the middle of night?"
-Eudora Maluna Manggala

"Starting off with these words. Attached, Addicted, Amazed.
How do I even go through a day without you?"
-Eudora Maluna Manggala

She'll appreciate it like there is no tomorrow.
If she could be a storyteller, she would tell her stories through playing endless songs.

"I see you that night with a smile,
But it's not showing,
Coz I thought you were not coming,
My heart is plastered with a lie."
-Eudora Maluna Manggala

With just the right amount of everything...
If this was a recipe, mixed with the right condiments,
not too sweet, not too salty,according to my taste bud,
this was absolutely Perfect !


I was singing along to a song of Lady Antebellum, which Tone Addict did a cover. Nice one guys! While Jon Tse was strumming the guitar. I love each and every performance there was that night, Bring Back The Arcade, Jade Sisters, Xinxerena and the others. But personally, Donatello spice things up a little with their catchy tunes and maybe they have more band members and huge music instruments than others. I could barely stop tapping my feet and hands. I felt like dancing. Thank goodness for the camera. Need some focus to take pictures. Heh! :P

"Hey, it is late,
But I'm feeling so much alive,
In my system, not a single alcohol inside,
Or am I just full of caffeine?"
-Eudora Maluna Manggala

I admit, alright.
Someone like me love this kind of feeling! :)

Beauty filled the night with meeting strangers. Not just some ordinary ones. The ones who got connected by the same interest. We were all there with one reason. We fell in love with music. That's part of our life. And nothing could ever changed that.

Ended the night with satisfaction, would love more of acoustic nights like this ! :)

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