Saturday, 23 July 2011

Stand tall to a greater height....

"Pain, I'd rather hurt,
Stand tall to a greater height,
I maybe a little short,
But I could give you more of my heart."

-Eudora Maluna Manggala


Saturday is here once more. Notice I've been blogging and updating much lately? Yeah. Wanna blog as much as I could to improve on my writing. Sharing what's going on on our local #KKMusicScene and volunteering to promote local bands. Doing this just for the fun of it. ^_^

Spending some time with the sisters on a weekend is some what something that doesn't quite happened that often anymore. And when it happens, as if the world is ours & not a care what surround us. Oh boy, we didn't even realize we were talking for hours. Even standing & walking too! Haha :P I almost broke my feet with those sneaker heels! But it was worth it.

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