Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Dark Street

Young ones, teenagers with raging hormones, listen to this song,
I want to get you out of the dark street, to the place where you could be safe.
Where there's always torch of light to guide your path way.

I found a song that inspires me. It's not easy to find something with a deep meaning, well at least for me, these days. Sometimes, we don't need complicated words to make a great song or lyrics. I think this song is simple. But it's special & soothing to my ears. And an awesome video direction in my eyes. A job well done to the director & all the band members,cast & everyone who are involved!

I could feel something when it comes & written from the heart and I feel through this song.
And guess what, you got the message delivered clearly.
Cause it touches mine.

, Eudora

Check out this song & MV by JON PARADISE !
You'll definitely love them as much as I did :)

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