Monday, 12 September 2011

11 September 2011 ♥

Was pretty nervous & excited at the same time. wow I just had my very first guitar lesson. fingering was a bit hard but I do hope I'll get used to it soon.

Straight after class, few steps away & I finally stepped into RAM Studio. Chris P took me for a little tour around the studio. My first impression was? Cool place! The interior design was superb! And boy, I love the lighting! I haven't even about those equipments there. Nice. And, and, and ....I got really attached to the cozy sofa instantly! While waiting for the rest to come in, I almost fell asleep like seriously!

But then, just when I had the chance to do so...Jade Sisters finally came in to do some rehearsal for their upcoming show in Ranau. Yus & the gang, Boly of Jon Paradise & Bring Back the Arcade came in after. Saw Lester Miol there as well. Soon the studio was packed with humans who share the same 'I sleep and eat music' kind of interest , as if they were having a party or something....Haha :P

So good to finally see everyone up, close & personal and what's behind the local music industry. Thanks Chris P for teaching me a thing or two about how this music production works! Or else, I'll be still clueless about the whole thing.

After the Jade Sisters done with their rehearsals and witnessing Bring Back the Arcade doing their practice for their new songs, and Chris P showing some technical stuff, it was time to meet Jon Tse to get my Jon Paradise EP. Met the Arthur & Andy of Bandwidth magazine there as well.

Spend the rest of the evening with Jon Paradise band, getting to know more about them. The vocalist Cyril could not make it but it was still fun! Thanks for spending some quality time with me! (Especially for the sacrifices happened that day...ahem) Really appreciate that! Oh I'm so touched ....:P

There were no pictures of that evening but still the memories captured was enough to be remain inside this heart & mind. loves! *hugs*

Wish everyday was like today! ^_^

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