Friday, 30 September 2011

30th September 2011

Temperature's high.
This morning it was 40 degrees.

Is it just me or anyone else too? Too hot to handle,I melted. Last two days it was pouring like mad, thunderstorms here and there, strong wind blew us away. It's scary! And just yesterday, the highland experienced some mini earthquake. So okay that's new. Can't you see what's happening here? The unpredictable weather has occurred again. The end might be near.

Be strong and be prepared for all the obstacles & challenges that may come.
For He always said, "Have No Fear". I am a Believer of Him.

Even the happiest cheerful person on my list crossed the 'happy' word sometimes. Life's ain't a bed of roses my friend, it's hard. But remember my promise....Whenever you're down, you know I'll be there to bring you up again. :D

And so she'll wake you up when September ends.
(my favourite line whenever this month ends) :P

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