Tuesday, 13 September 2011

KK Jazz Festival 2011

Went for my first ever Jazz Festival, thanks to Breeze Magazine & everyone who voted for my picture, which I got the most 'Likes' on FB. So touched by the tremendous support I got from family & friend and even strangers! love!

This what I wrote for the competition :

"Honestly, the real reason I wanted to attend this event is that I have never been to any jazz festival before. Being someone who is always in love with anything to do with arts & entertainment. Surely music never fail to heal my soul. I have been given the chance to rock my socks out at heavy gigs & concerts before, it's about time I turned into something jazzy. I would love to dance the night away, mesmerizing while enjoying the sound of music playing our ears, your heart and mine.

It would meant the world to me if I was given this ticket. :)"

After that night, I swear I should listen to jazzy tunes more often. Lots of moments to capture that day but camera lens aside, was tapping my feet on the ground, I feel like dancing in the moonlight while enjoying every beat of music. And the people who was together with you. Maybe that's enough to describe how beautiful that night was. :D

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