Thursday, 6 October 2011

6th October 2011

Just yesterday, Iphone 4S was out.

But suddenly today, my morning was awaken with shocking news. I had a hard time believing. Rubbed my eyes twice. I could have slap myself for real. Just so to make sure that I was fully awake at that time. It wasn't rumours. It was all over Twitter and later check it on Facebook as well. It was true after all. Reality just hit me.

The founder of Apple just passed away.

I tweeted,

Someone great has left us behind, for he is a legend.
Farewell Steve Jobs, you did wonders!

Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs (1955-2011)


and on a happier note.....

Local Sabahan band, Bring Back the Arcade finally released their new single, Mr & Mrs K today! Like finally! I've listened to them performing 'live' before, bugged them during their practice once and got to say I love them! One of their song, 'Pebble of the Street' is a personal favourite of mine. To show them my support, I've pre-booked a limited edition t-shirt & cd of theirs. :)

You want one? You can get it from Chris Pereira of Eyes & Ears Production . Contact him via Visit the link above and you know you won't regret. Worth getting the cd!

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