Monday, 28 November 2011

I am no fashion queen....

I am no fashion queen but I'll be lying if I say I am into it.
Inspirational new fashion designers showing off their talents.
This is my very first. Yes. And this is the first KK Fashion Week 2011.

I am no supermodel,
But it doesn't stopped me from standing tall,
Greater heights in wearing a heel,
Pray for me so I won't fall.

As if I was the one cat walking on that black stage.
In my dreams :p

What : KK Fashion Week 2011
When : 22 Oct 2011
Where : Palm Square, CP Sabah

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Sonic Vibes #1

The undecided has brought me here....

The thought of being late hit me if we ever get to go in. But to my surprise, the non punctuality by others is always there. Very typical. The show has not started yet so yeah we decided to just buy the tickets. Good deal in buying tickets that includes drinks. Got inside & it was not that packed. Thank goodness for that. :)

I'm not usually the person who is in favour into this kind of gig but hey, I figured why not since I'm there for a reason. For a change, yeah? That music fan in me has spoken & said yes, I should go. I went just to see The Retrock performed for the very first time. And of course my friends from the band Bring Back The Arcade too. I got to be honest, once I love your songs, I'll show my support and I am not kidding.

There was of course a few of other band performing as well. Is it me or the sound system has gone wrong or just the performer? I was not that sure. Who am I to say? Maybe as an audience, I shall say my opinion. There was this one band or was it two, I could barely hear what the vocalist was singing and the whole band was too loud. I thought it was a technical problem. But it proves me wrong when the rest of the band there did a great performance!

Overall it was nice. Great music by everyone. I was enjoying while Bring Back The Arcade was performing , singing to their songs while taking pictures. And I had a rocking fun time seeing The Retrock making the crowd mad on stage.

Left early just after The Retrock finished.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Of dreams and fairy tales....

Of dreams and fairy tales,
Pink purple butterflies kisses, that horse ride,
huge castle and prince charming.
She wants to be a princess, that little girl.
Well she used to.

In the process of learning or loving,
And just about everything,
That part of growing,
We need to realize that beginning,
Doesn't always comes with a happy ending.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Halloween at Party Play

The dark night of Halloween has passed.
And I'm always lazy to dress up for this kind of event that day.
At Party Play chilling with the boys drinking & having pizza.
While waiting for the movie event to start.
That night was also the first time I saw RadzieThePhotographer,
who was on duty covering two events at once there and
thanks to him for saying hi cause I know I wouldn't have the guts to do so. ;)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

15th November 2011

Everyday life feels like, it seems....

It's colourful but it's in a blurry state.

Monday, 14 November 2011

14th November 2011

Had the longest amount of hours today,
at one point, you felt like it does not seem to want to end already.
Monday blues, you are at your worst today. What the heck.
You win. I lose. I've turned into someone angry.

Calming myself to smile.....

With a sudden thought,
I am willing to take the journey where you are.
Hop on the plane. Wishing I could.
Of those long hours, I dare to take the ride once again.
I don't mind. To clarify my love for you.
I know it has just been months but I realize that I am...

Missing you...
the adventurous side of me is itching to go back!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

It only just begun....


Blink of an eye.
A new beginning of the no experience.
With a strong passion, I'm willing to take the chance.
I have to say how glad am I for being given this kind of opportunity.
Thank you very much!
It means so much to me. Totally appreciate it.

After a month of waiting, the new issue of BandWidth Magazine is finally out!
My very 1st write-up/interview. And I did mine with Guba.
It was an awesome one & Guba made it even better. :)

I could barely believe that I'm now officially a writer.
Some more for my favourite local magazine.
And I have tons to learn about & I'll keep it going....

Wish me luck aights?


To read, you need to download it online via website:

BandWidth Magazine
Issue 28 - November 2011
Pg. 14 & 15


Thursday, 3 November 2011

3rd November 2011

I don't consider myself fashionable or something, coz I prefer to be in my top and skinny jeans most of the time. I love simplicity and casualty in dressing but sometimes I do appreciate the need to get updated in the fashion scene and I try my best to play dress up when I'm attending important events.

As much as I love & heart the music scene more, I must admit that being a female, I could not resist all those fashion websites & blogs too. I have always adore big clothing brand like Topshop so last few weeks, I've decided to sent my favourite Malaysian fashion blogger JoycetheFairy this poem of mine.

And I got chosen & won a set of Topshop Paperdolls ♥ & received it from the courier today!

Those paperdolls reminds me of my girly girl, childhood days. Thanks again Joyce! :)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Voice Out 2011 : In Black & White

Going through some picture folders and realize,
I don't think I've shared this before right?

Heard Donatello from afar, was performing the song Sakura when I arrived. Just time. Whilst I was looking around the art display, with sudden loud voice I hear someone calling out my name. Came to my surprise, it was coming from the stage. I was so shy as if I wanted to run & hide but I decided to wave back instead. I'm shy okay. And yeah finally get to hear Eyes & Ears Production team, consist Mr. Decipher, Bring Back The Arcade, Donatello & the JADE Sisters performed Voice Out live on stage since I've got a preview. Wanted to upload the video here but man, the file is way too big!

I might missed the other performance but what the heck.
As long as I get to see them I'm satisfied. Oh, got my autographed Voice Out cd that day as well! Also wanted to mention that I love the performance by the band Dang Bandangs featuring a good friend of mine, Amy D. Awesome! Heehee :D

There goes some random black & white shots which I managed to take.

Strangers used to be but no longer are. Caught some familiarity & not in between booths and on stage. Some where it all started & began. Art, music and friendship everything in one place.
United we are with the same taste and interest. Let's voice out what we need to say & be heard.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

1st November 2011


Turning into a new leaf, let's make it last,
For October's Tragedy is now a past.

-Eudora Maluna Manggala