Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Sonic Vibes #1

The undecided has brought me here....

The thought of being late hit me if we ever get to go in. But to my surprise, the non punctuality by others is always there. Very typical. The show has not started yet so yeah we decided to just buy the tickets. Good deal in buying tickets that includes drinks. Got inside & it was not that packed. Thank goodness for that. :)

I'm not usually the person who is in favour into this kind of gig but hey, I figured why not since I'm there for a reason. For a change, yeah? That music fan in me has spoken & said yes, I should go. I went just to see The Retrock performed for the very first time. And of course my friends from the band Bring Back The Arcade too. I got to be honest, once I love your songs, I'll show my support and I am not kidding.

There was of course a few of other band performing as well. Is it me or the sound system has gone wrong or just the performer? I was not that sure. Who am I to say? Maybe as an audience, I shall say my opinion. There was this one band or was it two, I could barely hear what the vocalist was singing and the whole band was too loud. I thought it was a technical problem. But it proves me wrong when the rest of the band there did a great performance!

Overall it was nice. Great music by everyone. I was enjoying while Bring Back The Arcade was performing , singing to their songs while taking pictures. And I had a rocking fun time seeing The Retrock making the crowd mad on stage.

Left early just after The Retrock finished.

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