Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Voice Out 2011 : In Black & White

Going through some picture folders and realize,
I don't think I've shared this before right?

Heard Donatello from afar, was performing the song Sakura when I arrived. Just time. Whilst I was looking around the art display, with sudden loud voice I hear someone calling out my name. Came to my surprise, it was coming from the stage. I was so shy as if I wanted to run & hide but I decided to wave back instead. I'm shy okay. And yeah finally get to hear Eyes & Ears Production team, consist Mr. Decipher, Bring Back The Arcade, Donatello & the JADE Sisters performed Voice Out live on stage since I've got a preview. Wanted to upload the video here but man, the file is way too big!

I might missed the other performance but what the heck.
As long as I get to see them I'm satisfied. Oh, got my autographed Voice Out cd that day as well! Also wanted to mention that I love the performance by the band Dang Bandangs featuring a good friend of mine, Amy D. Awesome! Heehee :D

There goes some random black & white shots which I managed to take.

Strangers used to be but no longer are. Caught some familiarity & not in between booths and on stage. Some where it all started & began. Art, music and friendship everything in one place.
United we are with the same taste and interest. Let's voice out what we need to say & be heard.