Sunday, 11 December 2011

11th December 2011

Being in or not, maybe, in this creative line is making me want to just squeeze out those juices from my brain. I have too much on my mind, sometimes I think I find the difficulty on what to design, write or blog. Where to start or how do I even end this?

I ought to get rid of the blockage.
Tell me, oh pretty please?

I love you, like I really, really do!
Mahal kita walang iba
What is this? A public confession?
This is not even a love letter.
But this is also a confirmation that I am not a hater. :)

The thing I'd do for love, there's nothing to hide.
Currently, I'm so in love in what I do.

As much as you love something, you got to learn how to let go. And when you think it's not progressing as you wanted to be. I feel it's not worth forcing yourself. Still, it's a hard thing to do. It's true. Ah, there goes the bitter sweet symphony!

The pressure of trying to get everything done finally got me. Work & personal. It's December. Balancing act, you have to do your job. Move it, like now. Needing much of 'the spirit' to just come back to me. Lift me up , I beg thee?

I smell Starbuck's Vanilla Affogato could probably work. It's high on caffeine my dear. What the heck. I repeat. What the heck. Oh perhaps, a huge Christmas card, or maybe a normal size will do, but with the hand-written ones, can I? Looks familiar, that question? I know :) That would really make my day, trust me. In return, I'll give you a big hug.

When this was written, I sang,
Among those things I love doing,
Wishing right about now walking on a sand,
While the acoustic sounds playing at the background.

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