Sunday, 25 December 2011

25th December 2011

"12.38 a.m"
A missed call from B.
So tell me, If your text were not working as you've said this morning on the phone,then where did the text came before you called? Haha :p
A call just to wish me Merry Christmas?
So sweet lah my friend this. ;)

After mass was American breakfast with Ate'Finks & Mum.

Later on at night...
Christmas Dinner at Gramps in my red jersey & short pants. I love casual dinner like this. And oh the beauty of getting bullied by the kids. I sense that I'm so going to spoil my children, when I have one in the future. My future husband better be a lil bit strict than I am. Yeah, you better be...Hahaha :p What a nice day to spend with your loved ones!