Saturday, 14 January 2012

14th January 2012

Wasn't up for anything today. Off day is usually my lazy day too. I'll take my time. The word rush means hatred for me. Weekends are meant to get my self chilled. Not burning hot fire on chillies.

Sited at the dining table, piping hot mushroom soup & biscuits on the side. Enjoying my unusual breakfast menu. Where's my favourite noodle when I need one? Was too hungry to even care. While I was at it, sister came running to me. 'Hitzkk' on my cellphone screen. Eh? So yeah, I got a surprise call from my babe, Cheryl Q on the line. :)

She was asking me who I think will be on the Malaysian English Top 10 tomorrow, from the KK represent yo! And yeah, I told her it was Guba for sure! Because you know why. *shy* Those who were listening to Hitzdotfmkk this morning will probably heard my voice on the local radio station. Maybe the 4th or 5th time on AMP radio but that was the first for KK's Borneo English Top 10. Getting used to it but still pretty weird hearing my own voice. So surreal.

I'm loving the chart more cause being a loyal local music supporter for a quite some time now, tons of new songs & talents climbing up and coming in. Yay for Sabahan! :D

The entire afternoon was well spent. It's about time I dedicate the time for you, my dear that certain kind of movie. I'm such a sucker for it. Okay I shall keep my mouth shut. Wait, wait, wait. I got to say one thing though, after that movie, so much inspiration came! It's no wonder I couldn't decide whether to choose between a movie or painting. I shall do both instead!

Later loves! xx

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