Sunday, 1 January 2012

1st January 2012


A new haircut to start off the new year.
Could this be the year of travelling?
Or a year of new true love my dear?
Through it, better off with the flow & just sing along. ;)


As this will be the 5th year of blogging, I'm going to start a new label.
It will be under the title ,'What's love?' Let's start off with this, shall we?

What is love, if you asked me?

A mini cup of honey drizzled with cream, nuts & bananas on top, a taste of heavenly bite.

Nothing beats two smooth soft pancakes put together. Sweet is an over-used word. But that's just a perfect description for me.


Doyzkie said...

woooah! we have the same LOVE. just that am polygmous in that department of LOVE. LOL. I love red velvets too. and Macarons and choco brownies and many others. waaaah!

Doyzkie said...

Woooah! we have the same LOVE! but am polygamous in that department of LOVE! I also love red velvets, Brownie cups, macarons and many others! haha. Happy New Year!

Eudora said...

@Doyzkie : Oh yeah siempre, sweet stuffs/ desserts is Love,diba? Happy New Year to you too Doyz! :)