Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Jin Hackman - 2011 Malaysian Rap Up

This guy has been in my Reverbnation play list for ages now. Since most of the genre on my list is in the Rock category, I am happy to say that he is one of the two that got on my HipHop list.
Very rare for a person like me to love something this. But yeah, you got me. :P With lyrically wise, that was an awesome one to wrap 2011 up!

Good job Jin! :)

So yeah...check it out guys!
It's worth it...

Yo wassup! The man Jin Hackman is back! Makes me wanna rap & speak hip hop yaw! :P


mushmushroom said...

do you have the lyrics?

Eudora said...

@mushmushroom : Sorry dear but don't have the lyrics.