Wednesday, 11 January 2012

This is how 'You & Me' met....

Engrossing through sizes of t-shirts made me not realize you were walking through that door. That night, you came in & gave me hugs that seems endless. As if we were long time buddies that have not seen each other for quite some time. I gave you the tag with a smile. I was on duty. You put your guitar bag or (do you called it a 'case'?) behind where I was standing. I took a break. For the first time, I heard you sang. And that was just the sound check. :)

It was your turn to perform.

You sang about four songs. Was it? Which two of it, I memorize by heart. Simply cause it's a favourite of mine. You might not know it, I was singing too while you were performing. 'You & Me' and the song 'Sunday Morning' , never fail to brighten up my day.

"It's so refreshing, it makes you wanna dance...."
My favourite line from Sunday Morning. I honestly want to hear that song every other morning cause it makes me feel that everyday is a Sunday. And yes, I do dance when I'm in the happiest mode. It'll be umm, rare but trust me, you'll be surprised when I wake up dancing on my feet.

I was captured by every beat & sounds of the guitar strings. Your soulful voice was beyond words to tell. I am such a bad photographer that night. Easily distracted was I while enjoying. In my realization, I didn't have a nice picture of you that night. My bad. Oh, I regret not having a single good photo of you. But at least, we got 'You & Me' moment still.

Stole some moments. Got you a Surprise gift. It's nothing fancy or expensive. But boy, was I glad you like it. Another hug for me. Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

The day I met you would definitely sums up the best moment I had in 2011. The guy I chose to interview for my first writer feature, without thinking once or twice. A quick mention of your name. And how could I not be excited when Mr.Frogseye told me that he wanted you perform for this event. Just before you would confirm you were going to.

That night, I guess everyone there knew just who I was.
Was not only your biggest fan, nope, I probably was but I wasn't.
Because I wanted to be a friend. More than just a fan.
Just the way I became with strangers or singers or bands that I've met.

The one who doesn't sing a typical love songs & love music & sing from the heart.


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BobMudy said...

Hehehehe.. sweetnya si dora.. :)