Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Farewell February, Leap year...

For she shall retire early for the rest of the end of February. Goodbye. You have showed me to stay calm in my ups and downs.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

6th January : HipHop night at Eyes & Ears

After a Jazzy night down at Bella Italia , sudden thought of what's happening at the studio on my mind. Once in awhile, I love bugging 'the dude' & came with a surprise visit. It is no secret that this place is sort of my playground to chill & hang out. My favourite studio still. You see there's this red sofa that I am very well known of my I-almost-fell-asleep every time I'm there. Right dude? Does this sofa has magic or something? Ahem. :p

Not only I was always there with a sudden appearance, that night I came to collect my long awaited The Retrock's cd. And little did I know that I was in for what you call a hip hop treat. Oh, yeah! Another different genre of music highlighted for the night, I'm blessed with music.

Of photographing awesome knicks & my wedges, instruments & technical stuffs. The spontaneous lyrics, brainstorming and rapping scene. Enjoying the moment.The day I met Harlod Peter & Rey Nizam.

What a day of hip hop yo! :D

If you need to get some mixing done, you can bug 'the dude' of Eyes & Ears Production. But of couse, it's only applicable to those in Kota Kinabalu. :)

EDIT : 'The dude' just said that it's applicable WORLDWIDE. So yeah, you know what to do :p

Saturday, 18 February 2012

18th February 2012

Someone would probably need a nice slap on her face this morning.

It was a slow mo......yes, I was trying to say movement. See? Even typing this seems to take some time. Weekend always witnessed me dragging myself out of bed to work. But thanks to Daddy for the awesome breakfast, it feels like a sudden awakening.

Kuching Laksa, the flavours of prawn & coconut milk, little bit of spiciness, nothing killing, just perfect. Nothing like the feeling of eating it in the Land of Hornbills itself but at least, the satisfaction is there before my next trip, for now. I do miss that authentic ones, yes I do. I took sweet moment to savour every tasty bite of you, It was still early. You are so hot, piping HOT. The resistant seems too hard.

I found myself sitting on my desk at work, right about now.

Sunshine's ain't here but does it bother me?
Not quite cause it's always in my heart even if it's raining.

What caught me & my attention on Twitter.
Made me tweet,

"I'm feeling mighty fine this morning listening to You're So Fine feat . This is LOVE, like totally! :-) "

Friday, 17 February 2012

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

New Year With Angelina Perete & Roger Wang

I have been sending my contest entry since last December. When I first saw that Breeze Magazine was having this contest, I didn't hesitate to enter and hope that I will win this chance. That shows how much of a fan I am. And to be given the privilege, makes me feel like a dream come true. :)

Just when I thought I was late but thanks to Sabah time, I think I've made it on time.*phew*

With sounds of music with good food & great company for the night. Fans of both Angelina Perete & Roger Wang was given the exclusive chance to sit, dine at the same, front row table with them and see them perform in Bella Italia Restaurant. And I must say that how lucky us fans got ourselves an autographed 'Butterfly Baby' cd single each. It was a great night to meet Roger & his wifey & little Sarah and Angelina & her children too.

We were entertained by Ange's amazing soulful voice & strums of guitar by Roger. And that was my 2nd time watching them performed.

I was one happy person that day because one of my Christmas wish has been granted! Those in my Twitter list will probably noticed. Yes, I tweeted about it. A special new album, autographed just for me that night. Thank you Ange! :)

Most of all thank you Dinz, and thank you Breeze Magazine! Words can't exactly express how much it means to me!

Monday, 6 February 2012

6th February 2012

I'm not sure if anyone is still reading my blog....
But do you miss me? Ok lame :p

I am taking this opportunity to at least update.

Sorry I've been away from the precious laptop these past few days.Suffering from feverish body & bad gastric pain ever since before Chinese New Year doesn't help either. With no appetite for a week & half makes me feel like I'm shrinking to skinny self. But I did managed to survived Chinese New Year's Eve dinner with the family though with medication of course. And because of this, I've got minor distraction & hard to focus. Much needed rest was all I did.

All is well now and slowly, I'm regaining my appetite back. And my,oh my it's February already. The month of love. :D Excuse me, I will be away again till I have time to get a proper blog post sorted out. Where do I begin from where I left? Lots of things to do.

In the mean time, have a sweet tangy Mandarin Oranges & enjoy your last day of Chinese Lunar New Year celebration. It's a Chinese Valentine's Day today, So here's wishing everyone a Happy Chap Goh Mei ! ♥

xx hugs & kisses xx