Saturday, 18 February 2012

18th February 2012

Someone would probably need a nice slap on her face this morning.

It was a slow mo......yes, I was trying to say movement. See? Even typing this seems to take some time. Weekend always witnessed me dragging myself out of bed to work. But thanks to Daddy for the awesome breakfast, it feels like a sudden awakening.

Kuching Laksa, the flavours of prawn & coconut milk, little bit of spiciness, nothing killing, just perfect. Nothing like the feeling of eating it in the Land of Hornbills itself but at least, the satisfaction is there before my next trip, for now. I do miss that authentic ones, yes I do. I took sweet moment to savour every tasty bite of you, It was still early. You are so hot, piping HOT. The resistant seems too hard.

I found myself sitting on my desk at work, right about now.

Sunshine's ain't here but does it bother me?
Not quite cause it's always in my heart even if it's raining.

What caught me & my attention on Twitter.
Made me tweet,

"I'm feeling mighty fine this morning listening to You're So Fine feat . This is LOVE, like totally! :-) "

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